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Recently, chewing bags have become incredibly popular as a complement to snus in Europe. But what is chewing bags?


Chewing bags are small portioned smokeless tobacco products. Chewing bags are a convenient and discreet way to satisfy your daily tobacco and nicotine needs. The portioned bags are placed in your mouth.


As the name implies, you chew on these bags to tap into that sweet stash of flavor and nicotine. 

Why use Chewing Bags?

You should use chewing bags if you want to cut down on cigarette usage. According to the CDC, more than 16 million people in the US live with a smoking-related disease.


Nicotine pouches and chewing bags are relatively safer alternatives to cigarettes. Instead of inhaling smoke, you get your dose of nicotine by munching on a tobacco-based pouch.

What is the difference between Chewing bags and Swedish snus? 

Snus bags from Sweden and traditional chewing bags have two fundamental differences.


The tobacco leaves in a chewing bag are cut instead of ground, which gives it a unique, coarse texture. Chewing bags are also more resilient and robust compared to Swedish snus. 


Swedish snus has a steady release of nicotine. You place them under your lip and wait for nicotine to kick in. However, in chewing bags, you control the release of flavor and strength via the intensity of your nibbling. The more you nibble, the more nicotine you receive. Apart from these three things, nothing else differs much.


What is the difference between Chewing bags and Nicotine Pouches? 

Nicotine pouches are made with synthetic nicotine and are entirely tobacco-free. In comparison, tobacco bags are derived purely from tobacco leaves. This stark difference in ingredients also impacts their legality.


Nicotine pouches are legal in most parts of the EU, even in the UK. Chewing tobacco is illegal in some countries, including the United Kingdom. These products are common and free for use according to the law in Sweden and Finland.


How long do Chewing bags last?

Chewing bags release nicotine when you pinch or nibble them. Naturally, they could last for a few minutes or longer, based on how vigorously you nibble. It's one of the reasons why many people prefer chewing bags over other forms of tobacco products.

What are the different names for chewing bags? 

Every legend has hundreds of titles. Similarly, there are hundreds of different names for these tobacco products worldwide. Here are some examples: 


  • Chewing tobacco 
  • Nordic Chew (Mostly used in the US)
  • Chewing tobacco  
  • Chewbags


Are Chewing bags and American Chew the same thing? 

There are minor differences between traditional and American chewing bags. Both products contain shredded tobacco and fine-grade nicotine. However, compared to loose snus and American chew, you don't have to spit when using chewing bags because of their dry format.


Consequently, this makes them easier to use when sitting in the office, outside, at a dinner party, or on a plane. Also, the tobacco sticks together better in chewing bags than American chew. 

What are the best-selling chewing bags? 

Siberia and Oden Chewing bags have a vast market around the world. Naturally, they have the best-selling products. Our personal favorite is Siberia -80 White Dry Slim.


Since snusdaddy only sells the best products, you'll only find Siberia and Oden chewing bags on our website. You can stock up on them by purchasing them in large quantities or start by enjoying a few cans to get the hang of them first. 

How much do Siberia Chewing bags cost?  

At snusdaddy, you can find all kinds of Siberia chewing bags for 4,97 Eur to 5,99 Eur. These are the most attractive prices on the market. The prices vary depending on the variant and quantity.


We also offer special discounts on large orders to make your shopping experience as great as possible.

Do chewing bags and snus taste the same? 

Yes! The flavors are the same. One significant difference between bags and snus is the texture of tobacco. Everything else is similar.


If you are an experienced user, you'll share our sentiments. The slightly larger pieces of tobacco are hardly noticeable as they are packaged in portion pouches. 

Are Siberia Chewing bags as strong as Siberia snus? 

Yes! Siberia snus vs Siberia chewing bag variants have the same powerful nicotine content and flavoring. Even the scent of these products is the same. Often, you won't even be able to tell the difference. 


Where can you buy chewing tobacco bags online?

If you want to buy chewing bags online, you've come to the right place! You can get modern chewing products from leading manufacturers like Siberia and Odens from snusdaddy.


We deliver your orders by UPS and Swedish post. Additionally, all orders are covered by our fast shipping policy. It means that you can join the chewing bag community in less than a week if you order right now.


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