Siberia -80 White Dry
02 November, 2021

Siberia -80 White Dry

Siberia -80 White Dry is probably the strongest snus on the market. GN Tobacco has developed an extremely strong snus that gives even the most experienced snus user a real punch of nicotine.
Siberia has a nicotine content of 43mg/g, which is the strongest we have at Snusdaddy.com.
In addition to its high nicotine content, Siberia -80 delivers a fresh mint flavor. White dry means that it is a snus that lasts a long time in both texture and taste and it does not have very much flow. This allows you to enjoy your prill for a longer period and the can thus lasts longer. Snusdaddy.com has the market's lowest price on Siberia -80 White dry. A low price together with very favorable shipping terms to countries such as Qatar, USA and Switzerland make Snusdaddy your obvious supplier of Siberia.
Even when you break the packaging and feel the aromas from Sibera, you understand that this is only for those who want to go on a proper nicotine trip.
If you are a loyal user of Sibera -80 White dry, we can also recommend trying Bull Dog or even T45 from Kurbits snus. They do not reach Sibera's heights when it comes to nicotine but they not far from it.
There is no other snus that can compete with Siberia when it comes to strength. Siberia is simply the king of extremely strong snus.

Siberia snus is not for beginners as this extremely strong snus will deliver a nicotine experience without an equal. You should therefore be a regular user of Swedish snus or cigarettes to be able to handle a snus pouch from Siberia Red.

GN Tobacco, which produces Siberia snus, is also behind best-selling brands such as Oden's snus and White Fox nicotine pouches. Something that is consistent from GN Tobacco's snus brands is the extremely high nicotine content. White Fox nicotine pouches are one of our bestsellers when it comes to nicopods. White Fox Canada! White fox Netherlands!

If you want to broaden your views of extremely strong Siberia snus, there are the following options.

  • Siberia Red! Also called Siberia -80 White Dry Portion is what we have gone through in the section above. A lot of nicotine and an intense mint taste is what characterizes Siberia Red. Of all our Swedish snus flavors, Siberia Red sells the best.
  • Siberia Black! The nicotine content is as high as Siberia Red, but the seasoning has been replaced with a clear tobacco character instead of the intense mint taste found in Siberia Red. Wet portion bags together with a powerful tobacco taste make Siberia Black a favorite for you who want to combine a high nicotine content with traditional snus flavors. This Siberia snus is something out of the ordinary. Swedish snus packaged in extremely strong snus pouches.
  • Siberia Brown! As intense and the same nicotine content as Siberia Red. The difference is that Siberia Brown is delivered in wet portion bags and falls under the category of original portion snus. The moist portion bags make both taste and nicotine release faster and it will feel like a slap in the face when the intensity of this Siberia snus comes rushing.
  • Siberia Blue! The seasoning is as intense as in Siberia Red, but the difference is that Siberia Blue has a lower nicotine content. In this Siberia snus, the nicotine content is 24 mg/g compared to other Siberia snus flavors.

If you are looking for the market's strongest nicotine experience, this is what you should look for when you order snus online next time.