Things you might not have known about the snus effect.
25 February, 2022

Things you might not have known about the snus effect.

What is the snus effect? 

Snus is a Swedish tradition that has existed for centuries. But it is in the 21st century that it has taken hold in the international markets. This discreet way of using tobacco has become incredibly popular as all the negative health effects of smoking have become more noticed. Is there anything to consider when it comes to snus effect? Have you heard of Swedish snus and are interested in testing? Here is some more information for those who want to try new tobacco products. We get a lot of questions about how the snus effects you and what to consider if you should start using this type of tobacco product. What are the possible risks and what consequences can snus have? 

What is snus? 

Snus is a tobacco product that contains nicotine. It's not something you smoke, instead you put a tobacco pouch under your lip. This way you avoid the harmful smoke, which both your lungs and your surroundings will appreciate. When you place tobacco pouches under your lip, your body will start absorbing the nicotine in the product.   

There are two different types of snus: 

Swedish snus: The classic variant that contains tobacco and which is mainly associated with Sweden and to some extent the USA. There is currently a european legislation that prohibits the sale of Swedish snus in all European countries. However, Sweden has an exception, which was also a requirement from them to join the EU.   

Nicotine pouches: Also called nicopods, npods, or simply snus without tobacco. This became a product that emerged as a consequence of the EU ban that was pushed through. Countries such as the Netherlands, Austria, Belgium and Germany are big consumers of nicotine pouches and brands such as Killa snus and Pablo snus are immensely popular. These products can be seasoned more freely as there is no tobacco in the taste picture, unless intended. You'll find npods with a taste of everything from mint to watermelon. Since it is nicotine that lowers abstinence, this has become a popular alternative to cigarettes. 


How can snus effect your emotions? 

Now we have gone through some history and what different variants of this Swedish tobacco product there are. But how does it affect the body and is there any snus effect to take into account?  

The substance that has the greatest impact on the body is nicotine. It is found in both Swedish snus and nicotine pouches.

If you compare how the body absorbs nicotine in these products compared to smoking, nicotine is absorbed much more slowly in snus compared to when smoking.  

If we're going to look at what the snus and nicopods can bring to the emotional state, here are a few examples:

  • Relaxation: Nicotine will make you feel calm and you may have a minute to gather your thoughts in an otherwise very hectic everyday life. I think smokers can recognize themselves in this feeling.   
  • Concentration: As an effect of becoming more relaxed, you will probably experience an improved ability to concentrate. The focus is released from thoughts on the upcoming hectic weekend or what to eat for dinner and instead you can concentrate on what is to be done right now. 
  • Joy: Another effect that nicotine has is that it increases the proportion of adrenaline in your blood, which means that you will feel a certain amount of joy when you enjoy your nicotine pouch or tobacco pouches.  


You will feel the above effects within minutes which is also the time it takes for the body to start absorbing the nicotine. A smoker feels these effects almost immediately but it is also much faster transient. A nicopod or tobacco pouch can be held for up to 60 minutes, which means that you will be able to preserve these feelings for much longer. 

Another effect or perhaps rather feeling that is common to experience when taking a tobacco pouch is a burning and somewhat tingling sensation on the gums. This is something that varies from person to person and is also related to how used you are to using Swedish snus. An experienced user will feel this to a lesser extent if at all. Then it also depends on the type of pouch you use, its composition and nicotine content.   

Nicotine should be avoided by people with heart defects or other forms of heart problems. If you are pregnant, breast-feeding or suffering from high blood pressure, it should also be avoided. 


Do you feel a little bit wiser about what to expect when it comes to the snus effect? If you want to feel the strongest effect, we recommend ordering snus online from brands such as Pablo snus, Killa snus, or the strongest Siberia snus

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