Snus vs ZYN Nicotine Pouches: What's The Differences?


Snus and ZYN are both nicotine pouches known for their exhilarating nicotine buzz. What most people don't know is that snus is the name given to a whole category of products that contain tobacco. While ZYN is a modern tobacco-free nicotine pouch brand, like VELO and VOLT. 

Both have their advantages and disadvantages. We're going to discuss these pros and cons because when you understand what each product offers, you can make an informed decision for your better health and well-being. So let's get started with our basic history of...

Snus vs ZYN Nicotine Pouches

Snus and ZYN are both smokeless tobacco products. Snus, also sometimes known as snuff, is the older of the two. The history of snus begins with tobacco. Before snus was invented, people would snort tobacco powder to alleviate headaches and migraines.

Powdered tobacco was so popular in the early 1700s that almost every aristocrat used it, especially in Scandinavian countries. During the 1700s, King Frederik of Sweden passed a royal decree, according to which everyone had to grow their tobacco.

Swedish farmers would grind their tobacco plants into powder, but instead of snorting it, they turned it into mush and fermented it for preservation. It accidentally led to the creation of Swedish snus. Over the next few centuries, snus grew in popularity, especially among the working class.

Swedish aristocrat from 1700 looking at a can of General snus

Initially, snus was used for medicinal purposes. Later, it became a recreational product, and today it's a substitute for cigarettes (as it provides a potent nicotine buzz). In the early 2000s, people wanted something that could give them the experience of snus, but in a healthier and cleaner way.

It led to the creation of tobacco-free nicotine pouches. The initial few companies weren't very successful. Over the years, research on the hazardous effects of tobacco increased. People began to understand how bad cigarettes were, and they turned to alternatives.

Unfortunately, breaking free from a cigarette addiction isn't easy. People began to substitute heated tobacco products with smokeless products like snus and tobacco-free pouches. Nicopods became even more popular after 2020, because of their positive vision and healthy products.

ZYN is a brand owned by Swedish Match. ZYN's diverse products and levels of nicotine allowed them to dominate the US nicotine pouch market. Okay, now that we have the basics laid down, let's get to the juicy bit. Let's talk about the characteristics and definition of snus. 


In simple words, snus is a smokeless tobacco product. There are now tens of different snus brands, from major manufacturers like British American Tobacco, GN Tobacco, and Swedish Match. Some popular snus brands on the market are:

Each snus brand has different strengths, nicotine content, portions, and formats.

Different types of Snus

Some common types of snus that you can enjoy are:

  • Loose: There are no pouches. You have to transform the slightly moist powder snus into balls via your hands and put them under your lip. It produces the most drip and is messy to handle.
  • Original: These are classic portions, packaged into neat little pouches. They have a brown to dark brown color and have a strong tobacco taste. 
  • White: These pouches have low moisture content. They were created to circumvent or bypass the drip that most snus products produce. You can read more about them in our White Portion category.
  • Moist: These are like the original portions, but slightly moist. The increased moisture content leads to a quicker flavor release and harder nicotine kick. On the downside, they also produce more drip.

Irrespective of the portion, the flavors of snus products revolve around the natural taste of tobacco. Some modern snuff pouches add in mint, menthol, bergamot, and licorice. But the smoky and spicy tones of tobacco dominate the flavor as a whole. Some products, like General Mackmyra, have unique elements in their flavor, like dashes of liquor. 

Tobacco plant that goes into snus

The Production Process of Snus

The production process varies according to the brand and unique product. However, the process can be simplified into three different steps:

  • Sourcing Ingredients: Snus consists of tobacco leaves, salt, water, and other natural aromatic elements. These ingredients are sourced from farms, filtration plants, etc. 
  • Production: In this step, the tobacco is ground and separated into coarse, and fine particles. The ground tobacco is mixed with other ingredients in a blender, and everything is pasteurized. 
  • Quality Testing: During the pasteurization, samples are tested for quality. If there are any abnormalities, then the person in control makes adequate changes. 
  • Packaging: Different brands have varying styles of packaging. Some use metal cans, others use plastic cans. Either way, the portioned and loose snus is packaged into cans. The cans are stored in cold storage and rolled out on demand. 

Overall, modern production processes are quite clean. Giants like BAT, GN, and Swedish Match do everything to keep their facilities clean and up-to-date with adequate health standards. And since we're on the topic of health, let's talk about the...

Health Risks and Benefits of Snus

Snus contains tobacco and high amounts of nicotine. Long-term exposure and excessive use of high nicotine levels could cause nicotine addiction. Snus is also associated with a slightly increased risk of pancreatic cancer. However, we do not keep in mind that snus is a substitute for cigarettes.

Snus does not harm your lungs, throat, liver, etc. On the other hand, cigarettes contain around 7000 different chemicals, which could harm you in unimaginable ways. Snus is much healthier and better compared to cigarettes. If you want an even better smokeless option than snus, then you can try…

ZYN Nicotine Pouches

ZYN is a tobacco-free, smokeless nicotine pouch. Nicotine pouches have gained considerable fame over the past few years because of the advantages they have over cigarettes and snus. Consequently, the nicopod industry has expanded rapidly.

As of today, there are more than 20 mainstream brands, each with its array of products. ZYN is one of the best nicopod producers in the industry, alongside VELO and VOLT. What makes ZYN, so special is the quality and variety. 

ZYN offers more than 10 different flavors in 4 formats.

Blue background image with a zyn can and arrows with the different ingredients of ZYN with white title text saying "A simpler form of nicotine"

Different formats of ZYN

The formats that ZYN offers are:

  • Original: These are standard pouches, which makes them a bit plump and noticeable under your lip.
  • Slim: These are thin pouches that can easily fit under your upper lip. You can use them anywhere and everywhere, without anyone noticing. 
  • Mini: These are shorter and thinner pouches that you can use in a discreet manner. Compared to the standard packages, these products have smaller cans. 
  • Dry: These are dry pouches, and produce little to no drip. The lower salivation means that you won't need to spit or swallow your saliva when using these pouches.

Different flavors

ZYN offers various flavors in the aforementioned formats. Some widely loved ZYN flavors are:

There are numerous other ZYN flavors that you should try out at least once. Each flavor is better than the other, and each product delivers a memorable taste experience. If you want something more than ZYN you can also take a look at our list of the best nicotine pouches.

But now let's talk about…

The ZYN Production Process

Most modern nicotine pouches are created with synthetic nicotine or nicotine extracted from tobacco plants. Both of these types of nicotine are healthier than snus and cigarettes. The production method is usually a secret, but we can make a rough estimation. 

  • Sourcing: It all starts with sourcing the ingredients like Water, Salt, Artificial Flavoring, and Sweeteners, along with Tobacco/Substitute ingredients.
  • Synthesizing: ZYN extracts and synthesizes its nicotine from tobacco, but rest assured there is only pure nicotine in a nicopod. 
  • Mixing: The nicotine powder is mixed with the other ingredients. ZYN also adds flavor to each batch, which is then packaged into small bags and cans. 

Now you're probably wondering if ZYN is completely safe. Don't worry, it's time to lay down the facts by discussing the…

Health Risks and Benefits of ZYN

ZYN is one of the healthiest alternatives to cigarettes because of its low toxicity. (read more about the benefits of nicotine pouches) ZYN uses up-to-date technology and follows modern health standards, which means they don't compromise on the quality and health of their customers. 

The various nicotine strengths and flavors attract and lure cigarette addicts. In short, ZYN allows smokers to quit their addictions more easily. The nicotine experience is unforgettable. Additional elements like aroma also add to the allure of this brand. The eco-friendly approach and vision of ZYN are also commendable. (Read our article The World of ZYN for best flavors and more information about ZYN.

ZYN does contain nicotine in copious amounts. Excessive use of ZYN can lead to nicotine dependency. Teens, children, and toddlers should always stay away from ZYN, and any other nicotine product. Furthermore, ZYN is marketed as a substitute for cigarettes and other harmful products, so it should be used accordingly.

But how does ZYN compare to snus? Here's the…

Comparison – Snus vs ZYN

The major difference between snus and ZYN is We're going to break down each comparison into a specific category, starting with...

Health Risks

When we compare health risks, ZYN comes out on top. ZYN doesn't contain tobacco, which takes away most of its toxicity compared to snus. Additionally, ZYN pouches are created with plant-based fibers and white nicotine powder. It means they don't stain your teeth, and don't damage your gums easily. (Read our article about ZYN and their safety to gain a more in-depth overview)

ZYN also offsets the negative impacts of cigarettes more effectively. Snus is better than cigarettes, but it is more harmful than ZYN. On a broader scale, both snus and ZYN nicotine pouches contain nicotine. Excessive use of either one could lead to nicotine dependence. 

Nicotine Delivery and Usage

When we compare nicotine delivery, there is no obvious answer. Snus has a more immediate and inconsistent release of flavor and nicotine. You feel an immediate kick because of the faster absorption rate. After the initial kick, there's a slight release of flavor and nicotine over a period of time.

Moist snus offers an even stronger and more immediate hit, but at the same time, it increases the drip. Nicopods like ZYN offer a slightly delayed but more consistent release of flavor. You also get more versatility with the slim and dry formats.

You can use them in many situations without spitting. Some modern products like LOOP also have Instant Rush technology, which works better than moist snus pouches. Finally, it all comes down to subjective preference.

Some people like snus and its tobacco-based flavors, while others want more modern ZYN flavors. The latter is easier to use because snus is notorious for dripping. You're welcome to try both.


On average, ZYN nicopods cost around $4.51. Snus on average is around $0.5 cheaper. Snus is also a whole category, with numerous brands. If you search hard enough, you will most likely find a product cheaper than ZYN pouches. An example is Lundgrens Skane, which costs only $2.43 per can.

 If you want an expensive product, then you can find that as well. For example, Kurbits Stockholm costs $5.82 per can. It all comes down to your affordability and preference. If you buy from Snusdaddy, then we can give you even sweeter deals on bulk orders and specific products. You should check out our special deals section for some outstanding discounts. 

Conclusion of the Snus VS ZYN Debate

The bottom line is that ZYN nicopods do not contain tobacco, and snus is pure tobacco. As far as health is concerned, ZYN is healthier. ZYN also has a range of flavors and nicotine levels. A side by side comparison shows that ZYN is also more convenient to use because of minimal drip. 

Snus is a whole category that offers more affordability. However, there are other brands apart from ZYN, which are just about as cheap as most snus brands. You should look through our catalogs to find the perfect product that fits your needs and tastes. And considering you most likely use snus or nicotine pouches, you should know you can bring nicotine pouches and snus on planes.

A gentleman holding up nicotine pouches with white text saying FAQs.

FAQs about Snus & ZYN

What is the difference between snus and ZYN?

Snus contains tobacco and ZYN does not contain tobacco. Another difference is the flavor. Snus always contains a full-bodied, rich tobacco flavor because of the ingredients. ZYN has an array of different flavors. Snus has higher toxicity because of tobacco. ZYN is less toxic because it uses white nicotine, which is free from tobacco.

Is snus or ZYN safer than smoking cigarettes?

Snus and ZYN are safer than cigarettes. Both of these options are smoke-less, tar-free, and less toxic than cigarettes. Since there is no smoke involved, your lungs are healthier. The people around you are also safer because there is no second-hand smoke involved. These options are also free from the major carcinogens found in cigarettes.

Are snus and ZYN addictive?

Yes, snus and ZYN are addictive because of their nicotine content. The longer and more excessively you use them, the more tolerance you build up and the more addicted you get. Remember, these products are meant to be used as substitutes for cigarettes. You should use them sparingly, and according to your needs, instead of abusing them.

Is it legal to use snus or ZYN in my country?

The sale of snus is banned in most European countries. However, if you source your products online, then you can use them legally. The same goes for ZYN, which lies in a gray area. You can use it, but you cannot sell it commercially. If you live in the US, then you shouldn't have any problems using either one. We recommend searching and inquiring about the laws regarding these products in your vicinity, to avoid legal problems. 

Certainly, we may also be wrong. Either way, our .com site offers a wider variety of products available to customers shopping from outsite of Europe, including a grand assortment of Swedish snus with tobacco.