About Snusdaddy


Snusdaddy is a supplier that works with quality snus and nicotine pouches combined with secure fast deliveries. We offer snus and nicotine pouches for everyone and every occasion, from everyday snus to party snus or nicopods, the possibilities are endless. Snusdaddy's focus is to have satisfied customers. We get this by offering high level of service, a wide range of different brands of snus and nicotine pouches, as well as snus varieties at a good price. We sell classic Swedish snus varieties such as General, Göteborgs Rapé and Ettan. We are also at the forefront when it comes to modern varieties such as nicotine pouches where ZYN, VELO, Vid, Killa and Pablo are popular brands today. Nicotine pouches are very popular in the EU where the original snus is banned. The big different from the classic Swedish snus is that nicotine pouches are 100% free from tobacco. The nicotine pouches or nicopods, often come in fresh and clean flavors like mint, lime, mango and many more. Find your favorite nicotine pouches at Snusdaddy!

The team behind Snusdaddy are big snus enthusiasts. Everything we sell we use ourselves or have tested to ensure the quality of all snus and nicotine pouches we sell. Everyone has their favorite snus and nowadays also a favorite nicotine pouch, but testing other varieties and getting variation in taste, strength and size makes snus more exciting and maybe you will find a new favorite snus or nicotine pouch in the future. We have long experience of snus, and we hope to offer you the same fantastic experience that we get from taking a fresh snus or nicotine pouch.
Our highest priority will always be satisfied customers! Buy your snus from Snusdaddy to get quality snus at a good price, with safe and fast deliveries.

Welcome to our site and we hope to see you around!

Certainly, we may also be wrong. Either way, our .com site offers a wider variety of products available to customers shopping from outsite of Europe, including a grand assortment of Swedish snus with tobacco.