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Swedish snus where taste and nicotine are delivered at the same time as you put a tobacco pouch under the lip. Original Portions are wet portion bags, tobacco pouches in a classic way. Here you will find the general snus flavors in the form of General Original or heavily flavored snus such as Nick & Johnny Americana.

The most classic when it comes to portion snus. Original portion was developed by Swedish Match in the 1970s when Swedish snus consumers demanded pre-baked snus. This is to make the handling easier and to make it simpler to put a snus pouch under the lip no matter where you were. Loose snus has its advantages when it comes to taste, but portion snus is much easier to handle and can be used without soiling your fingers or the floor.

Swedish match started the trend with portion snus with brands such as General Original Portion and Ettan Portion. Since then, the General snus flavors have been supplemented with lots of varieties from Swedish Match but above all from other snus producers. Today, there are original portions of snus in the forms of, for example, Siberia Black Portion, Knox Original Portion, Oden snus, Skruf snus and many more.

Original portion has, just as tradition says, its stronghold in Sweden. But Norway and the USA are also markets where Siberia snus and Skruf snus have become immensely popular, of course together with General snus, which always has some big sellers regardless of country. Order snus online at Snusdaddy.com which is your given snus shop online. We have everything from strong snus to traditional snus. You will find snus from all well-known brands and nicotine pouches in the form of all ZYN flavour and VELO nicotine pouches. Siberia snus! Strongest snus! LYFT Freeze! LYFT Ice cool!


What is the difference between original portion and white portion?

The biggest difference is that the original portion has a slightly moist surface compared to the white portion which has a dry surface. The reason for this can be found in the manufacturing process where the original portion is moistened after manufacture to mimic loose snus.

This in turn leads to the flavours coming faster and being clearer in the original portion. Nicotine is also absorbed faster by the body in the original portion. The downside, however, is that the slightly damp snus bags start to flow a little faster and run a little more.

Original portion is something that suits the experienced snus user better as you can enjoy the taste and nicotine to a greater extent. However, white portion snus accounts for the majority of sales as it is even easier and more discreet to use.

White portion flows less and does not smudge. Therefore, a can of white portion of snus does better in the office or at a party. But if you are going to sit on the couch and enjoy a baseball match on TV, I would recommend a can of original portion. Swedish snus online! General snus locator! Snus bags!


Best selling Original Portion snus

  1. General Original Portion

One of the most classic flavours when we talk about Swedish snus. Traditional snus flavours with tobacco in the lead role complimented with tones of hay, tea, and leather. Order snus online to get the best snus prices on General Original. The General snus flavours are the Rolls Royce of snus. The flavours are of the highest quality and have been so for a very long time. If you buy a box of General Original, you know what you are getting. Why change a winning concept. Swedish snus! General snus locator!

  1. Nick & Johnny Americana

Bestsellers when it comes to Snus USA and Snus Norway. With flavours of cherries and almonds as well as notes of violet, wintergreen, and raspberry, this is a snuff that brightens up. Maybe not so traditional but a really good Swedish snus from the giant Swedish Match. Buy snus in our snus shop to find the lowest prices on Nick & Johnny snus. Modern snus with a strong flavouring that should have a place in all snus' mix packs. If you have not tried Nick & Johnny snus, you have missed something. In addition to Nick & Johnny Americana, there are bestsellers such as Red Hot, Crushed Ice and Green Ice. Order snus online! Best snus online! Best snus flavors!

  1. Siberia Black

An extremely strong Swedish snus with a clear tobacco taste. One of the strongest snus experiences you can find in moist portion bags. Our best-selling snus is Siberia White Portion, which has an intense mint taste instead of the tobacco flavors that you get in Siberia Black. For those of you who are looking for a proper dose of nicotine, this is the strongest snus you can find if you are looking for original portions with traditional seasoning. Siberia snus is not something we recommend for beginners. If you want to cope with this nicotine shock, you need to be an experienced snus user or smoker. If you like the strength of Siberia Black, you should try to broaden your horizons and try other Siberia snus flavors as well. Siberia White Dry is, as I said, our best seller when it comes to Swedish snus, but there is also Siberia Brown and Siberia Blue which is a must if you like strong snus. You can find the best prices on strong snus in our online snus shop. Order Siberia snus Switzerland! Siberia Chew USA. Strongest chew in the world!

  1. Thunder Frosted

Incredibly popular Thunder snus from V2 tobacco has become a big seller in the snus market in the USA. A strong snus that has healthy flavors of mint. Mint snus together with a high nicotine content provides an intense snus experience. Thunder snus is a hidden gem for many, but has, as I said, broken through and become incredibly popular in the American snus market. Great taste and high nicotine content at a fantastic price. Thunder snus is very affordable and a Swedish snus that should get more attention. Order snus online! Best price for Thunder snus! Order snus USA!

  1. Odens Cold Extreme Portion

Strong snus with a taste of mint at a really good price. Oden's snus offers intense and tasty snus experiences at an unbeatable price. Odens Cold Extreme portion is together with thunder snus our most affordable original portion. In our snus shop you will find Oden's snus from 2.83USD per can. Oden's snus from GN Tobacco is available in lots of flavors, and the nicotine content is consistently high.

If you order from the USA, we are also responsible for all customs costs. Swedish snus online! Order snus online! Buy Snus Online!


How to store Swedish original portion snus when you order snus online?

When you buy snus online, it pays to buy larger volumes. We have unbeatable prices on both 30 cans and 50 cans. How should you store your snus when you make a bulk order from a snus shop?

  • Original portion Snus should be stored cool, dark, and dry.
  • Snus in the refrigerator! If snus is to be stored for more than a month, we recommend storing the snus in the refrigerator.
  • Snus in the freezer! If you are going to store the snus for longer than 3 months, the freezer is a good alternative.

Original portion snus has a shelf life of about 6 months from the time it is manufactured. But if it is stored in the refrigerator or freezer, your snus can stay fresh for up to 12 months. Original portion of snus often works to store longer as the higher humidity makes the snus feel fresh longer.


Which countries order the most original portion snus from us?

  1. USA! Americans like Swedish original portion snus and in many places, it has become a complement to cigarettes or chewing tobacco. Thunder snus, General snus, Siberia snus and Nick & Johnny snus are the varieties that are consumed most among original portions if you look at the sales statistics from Snusdaddy. Strong chew has been replaced with strong snus as it is snus with a high nicotine content that dominates when we talk about Snus USA. Order snus USA! Swedish chew! Siberia dip!


  1. Switzerland! Snus Zurich! Snus Geneva! Snus Basel! These are the three largest cities in Switzerland that are also large consumers of Swedish snus. However, it's a bit fun to look at the statistics when it comes to snus in Switzerland. In Zurich, it is extremely strong snus that sells. Siberia snus Zurich is our absolute bestseller. If you instead look at Snus Basel, it’s General snus flavors that dominate. Snus Geneva is more widespread. It sends a blissful mix of Siberia Snus, General Snus and Thunder snus. We also see an increased demand for nicotine pouches as the Swiss seem to be looking towards tobacco free alternatives. Snus Switzerland! Siberia Switzerland!


  1. Norway! The snuff tradition in Oslo is strong. During the last 20 years, there has been a sharp increase in Swedish snus in Norway. Here, brands such as Skruf snus and Siberia snus dominate. Strong snus is what applies on the streets of Oslo. Mint snus and strong seasonings seem to work well. There is also a clear increase in nicotine pouches in Norway and LOOP Jalapeno Lime is a big seller in both Drammen, Bergen, and Oslo. Snus Norway! Siberia snus Norway! General snus Norway!


Why order original portion from Snusdaddy?

We are a modern snus shop that offers a huge range of both Swedish snus and nicotine pouches. You will always find exciting special offers at already low prices. Also, sign up for our newsletter to offer discount codes and coupons.

  1. We strive to offer the market's lowest prices on Swedish snus and nicotine pouches online.
  2. Fast delivery. Your order is usually packed within 24 hours and delivered to your door within a few days. Delivery takes place safely and securely via UPS or Postnord.
  3. Fresh snus! We sell a lot of snus and nicotine pouches and can therefore offer newly manufactured snus directly from the factory.


A summary of original portion snus

  • Swedish match produced the first portion of snus in the 1970s. That was the beginning of the portion snus and a successful journey for Swedish snus had started. Portion snus has made snus easier to use, which has led to enormous growth both in Sweden and around the world. In addition to the Swedes, Norwegians, Americans, and Swiss are also large consumers of portion snus.

  • The seasoning of the original portion was from the beginning only linked to tobacco, which over time has been spiced up more and more. Today you can find original portions in lots of flavors where you might not even feel the taste of tobacco. The most common and popular seasoning is mint snus. There we find bestsellers such as Siberia snus, Thunder snus and Nick & Johnny snus.

  • The strength of the original portion has also made a huge journey. From the beginning, the nicotine content in the original portion was traditionally around 7-8 mg/g snus. The market has demanded stronger snus and today you see most of the new products that come have a very high nicotine content. Siberia snus, which has become one of the most popular Swedish snus brands, has a nicotine content of 43 mg/g snus, which makes it an extremely strong snus. At snusdaddy.com you will find Siberia snus under the category “Don’t go there!” This has led many manufacturers to follow suit and launch their own snus brands with a very high nicotine content. An example is Chainsaw snus from V2, who also produce Thunder snus. Chainsaw snus has a nicotine content of 27 mg/g snus.

  • Storage of snus! Snus is best stored cool and dark. The refrigerator or freezer is preferable if you are going to store your snus for a long time. For the best price when you order snus online, you should look to order in bulk and then the fridge or freezer is recommended to maintain the feeling of fresh snus.

  • Snus worldwide! We sell snus and nicotine pouches worldwide, but when it comes to snus in general and original portions in particular, there are three countries that stand out. Snus USA! Snus Switzerland! Snus Norway!


If you are interested in something other than the original portion of snus, you will find lots of different snus brands to choose from. In addition to bestsellers such as General snus and Siberia snus, you will also find taste explosions in the form of Jakobsson's Mint and Jakobsson's Melon.

If you are looking for a tobacco-free alternative, we have bestsellers such as VELO Freeze and strong favourites in the form of Killapods and Pablo nicotine pouches. Best price on Swedish snus and nicotine pouches. Snus online! Nicopods online! Cheap nicopods! VELO nicotine pouches!

Information about original portion snus updated: 17/05/2022

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