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Catch snus has been around since 1984, and we can safely say that it is one of the best snus brands in the world. Catch has been evolving continuously since its creation. From flavors and production processes to colors and packaging, Catch has come a long way since its inception.

As of today, Catch has a vast collection of products, made with the best tobacco and ingredients, ready for snus lovers worldwide. All of Catch's success can be attributed to its parent company's vision.

Who Owns Catch Snus?

Catch snus is a subsidiary of Swedish Match. For reference, Swedish Match is the same company that owns General Snus and rules the tobacco-free nicotine pouch industry with ZYN. Swedish Match wanted to recreate snus in a more modern way without losing the classic tobacco character that their products were popular for. So they launched Catch.

The vision behind Catch is simple, delicious snus that retains the flavor of Swedish snus and tobacco but contains a hint of modern flavors. So far, Catch has been successful in fulfilling that goal. Catch is also better than classic snus because it drips less and releases flavor more consistently.

Catch Snus Portions

Catch has different types of portion snus. Each portion is packaged into discreet and neat little bags to reduce drip and release flavor more consistently. Since Catch is a mix of modern and classic snus, you can find every type of portion in their catalog. The main types are:

  • Original Portion: These are standard portions of snus, filled with classic tobacco. They pack a strong punch and are often known for their drip. 
  • White Portion: The white portion snus has a dry outer surface and minimal moisture. The dry surface means your pouches drip less and are much easier to manage. They also last longer and have a more consistent release of flavor. 
  • Mini Portion: These are slightly small and slim pouches that fit more easily under your lip. They don't make a bulge and are less noticeable, so you can use them in numerous situations. 

We highly recommend keeping a mini or white portion on hand. These are two very discreet options that you can use almost anywhere without many issues. You can even have some White Mini portions that are small and easy to conceal. Now, let's talk about strengths. 

Catch Snus Strengths

Catch snus makes products for slightly experienced snus lovers. Naturally, the nicotine concentration of their products varies between 8 and 15 mg of nicotine per gram. This roughly translates to 4 or 6 mg of nicotine per pouch. Considering their strength, we do not recommend novices try this pouch.

Only experienced snus users and smokers should use Catch nicopods. We would also recommend disposing of used nicopods safely so that pets and children do not swallow them accidentally. You should keep extra cans in a safe place on a locked or elevated shelf away from children. 

Popular Catch Snus Flavors

Catch offers multiple amazing and new flavors, that are redefining the snus industry. You can expect even more great flavors from Catch in the next few years. For now, some of the best Catch flavors are:

Catch Licorice

Flavored snus can't get any better than Catch Licorice. Each pouch is filled with a torrent of flavors and nicotine. The sweet and salty licorice flavor melts into the flavor of premium tobacco straight from Sweden. This is the perfect product for people who want something like Göteborgs.

You can also enjoy this wonderful flavor in a discreet way with Catch licorice mini white portions. It means that you can enjoy them almost anywhere. If you want more of a traditional experience, try the classic mini dry portions. 

Catch Eucalyptus

Eucalyptus-flavored pouches were already outstanding, but Catch made it even better. Instead of the usual herb and tobacco flavors, these remarkable pouches have more of a fruity taste. These pouches are perfect for people who want more well-rounded snus with undertones of gentle tobacco and spice. 

It has a long-lasting flavor and constant release of nicotine. These flavorsome pouches are available in signature Catch White and White Mini snus portions. You can try either one based on your needs, whenever and wherever you want. 

Catch Spearmint

These pouches are loaded with the fresh taste of mint, spearmint, peppermint, and spicy menthol. The taste of these pouches is a bit similar to Nick and Johnny Green Ice. The aroma of the light tobacco base and hints of greenery hit you right in the face as soon as you pop off the lid.

And when you're done with the pouches, a cold and pleasant aftertaste will assail your mouth. If you want to quit smoking then these smokeless pouches are perfect for you. One pop of Catch Spearmint, and you'll forget about cigarettes for the rest of the day. These refreshingly good pouches are available in White Mini portions. 

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