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Ettan is the epitome of classic snus, which is why a lot of snus lovers turn to this wonderful brand to enjoy the joy of classic snus. Ettan Snus has been around since 1822 and is one of the oldest snus brands alongside General. Ettan Snus has retained its original flavors and character since its creation. We can easily say that it's the brand that people need to relive tradition in the modern world. 

Who Created Ettan Snus?

Ettan is the brainchild of Jacob Fredrik Ljunglöf and chemist Jacob Berzelius. Back before Ettan, snus was made with the classic production process that required fermented tobacco. Each batch of snus would take roughly 6 months of fermentation. The process was long and arduous, and Fredrik wanted nothing to do with it.

He along with Jacob Berzelius, created a better process. They combine tobacco with salt water and potash, to create a new recipe. Because of their efforts, snus could now be made in a week. Their revolutionary way of producing fresh snus would quickly become popular.

Ljunglöf's son, Knut, would become known as "Snus Kungen" or Snus King in Sweden. He was the man behind Ettan's success throughout the world. Currently, Ettan snus is a subsidiary of Swedish Match. 

Ettan Snus Development

After the initial development, Fredrik decided to commercialize his product. He named his product "Ettan" which means Number 1. Back then, snus was delivered in cardboard boxes, so the extra shelf life of Ettan made things much easier. In 1826, Fredrik took over a company on the verge of bankruptcy in Stockholm. In a few years, he turned the whole factory around.

By his death, Fredrik was one of Sweden's richest people, and Ettan was the most popular brand of Swedish snus. Afterward, Knut Ljunglöf took over his empire. He turned everything into a valuable empire by the early 19th Century. Ettan snus sales in Sweden were the highest. Now, let's talk about value.

Ettan Snus Types

Ettan snus follows the classical model of Swedish tobacco. According to Ettan, there are only three types of snus:

  • Ettan Original Portion: It's a standard Ettan portion that follows the classic manufacturing process created by Jacob Fredrik Ljunglöf. These portion snus are slightly moist and have an extremely strong taste of tobacco. The tobacco flavor in these portions is doubled by the strong dose of nicotine. 
  • Ettan White Portion: These portions follow a new production method, which makes the pouches less moist. These pouches have a full-bodied tobacco taste but do not drip. The flavor revolves around extra strong tobacco, with a hint of smokiness and chocolate. 
  • Ettan Loose Snus: It embodies the original way of consuming Snus. Instead of getting pre-packaged portions, you get loose, moist snus. You use your fingers to mold the snus into pellets or balls and put them under your lips. Loose snus has a smoky aroma and an extra strong tobacco flavor. It may even seem a bit bitter to some people. 

Ettan Snus Flavor

Normally, you would expect large tobacco product manufacturers to change their flavors, but not Ettan. It has tasted the same since 1822. Ettan retains its strong tobacco flavor, derived from fresh and premium tobacco leaves. According to the classic recipe, you can taste hints of malt, tar, and herbs. It also has the same iconic tobacco aroma. If you're a snus lover, you need to taste Ettan. 

Ettan Snus Strength

Like the three different types of snus, Ettan has three different strengths:

  • Ettan Original has a nicotine concentration of 8.5 mg per gram.
  • Ettan Loose Snus has a nicotine concentration of 7 mg per gram.
  • Ettan White Portions has a nicotine concentration of 8 mg per gram.

Because of the manageable nicotine concentrations, almost anyone can use these pouches. The modern white portions are quite slim, and we recommend keeping a pack of those handy for emergencies. But where can you buy Ettan Snus?

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