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General is the biggest manufacturer of smokeless tobacco products like Snus. It is a subsidiary of Swedish Match, a brand known for its quality products. The brand General Snus was launched in the 1860s. After that, they've only been climbing ever higher on the stairs of success. If you need help deciding on which flavor to go for, you can read our general snus review & guide.

The interesting history of General Snus

This brand is also a testament to the fanatic efforts of Johan A Boman. Mr. Boman was a simple man; he only had one goal in life, finding the perfect Snus. After devoting four long years of his life toward his goal, he succeeded in creating his magnum opus. 

During these four years, Johan A Boman traveled the world searching for the best ingredients. He concluded that one tobacco leaf could not fulfill his dream of creating the perfect Snus. Instead, a mixture of 22 different tobacco varieties and a few drops of bergamot oil were required to produce the perfect mixture.

This was the flavor that became the arch stone for the growth of General. However, this isn't the only flavor that signifies this brand. Today, we're going to learn about the different shades and aromas of glorious General.

The evolution stages of snus

Snus has evolved considerably during the last 10-15 years. First, it was pure tobacco, then it became flavored pouches/bags, and finally, it became tobacco-free nicotine pouches. Today, we live in a world of diversity, so you'll find every type of product on the market.

But it begs the question, how has Snus/Snussz changed over the years?

With brands like General and Siberia holding the reins of the industry, the snus industry has made leaps and bounds in the right direction. You could say that it has changed considerably without straying far from its roots.

It remains true to its original flavor and strength despite following modern production methods. Siberia is a Swedish brand of Snus with a nicotine content that is up to 5 times stronger than other snus/snussz products on the market. In the same way, General Snus products have always stayed close to traditional Snus.

Development of General snus and its original portion

Initially, Swedish Match only sold Loose Snus. However, in the 1970s, there was a demand for pre-packaged snus portions. It led to the development of General's Original Portion. In the year 1998, they introduced the White Portion. This was a more compact and drier version of the Original/Classic portion.

Afterward, they just kept improving their production method. Occasionally, they would introduce a completely different product like Mackmyra or Onyx. However, the prominent flavor has always revolved around tobacco, bergamot, hints of hay, and leather.

Why General Snus is so popular

Snus is mainly used as a relatively safe alternative to cigarettes. We recommend snus use only for cigarettes or long-time users of smokeless tobacco products. Smoking is a leading cause of mouth cancer, lung cancer, pancreatic cancer, and other fatal diseases. Cigarettes might even cause gum diseases and tooth loss. According to PSU, 85% of Daily Smokers are addicted to cigarettes, in essence, trapped in a death spiral.

The worst part is that even if you want to quit your cigarette addiction, you might not succeed because of the withdrawal symptoms. However, all hope is not lost because of Snus. Using General Snus instead of cigarettes puts your health in a much better position. With a lower risk of mouth cancer and other diseases, Snus is a less harmful alternative that you can use to get rid of cigarettes and smoking. You can find out more about the Correlation between Snus use and Gum Disease from our article.

Who shouldn't use General Snus?

Snus is for people 18 years of age or older. Youngsters should never touch Snus or other varieties of tobacco. Why do we say that? Smoking or using stimulants at a young developing age will haunt you later in life.

Continued use of cigarettes could even shorten your lifespan, so lay off the pencils of death and do something else. Pregnant women or people with underlying health conditions should also avoid Snus and stimulants.

The different General snus portions

General offers different portions and sizes for all tobacco users. We'll break it down for you:

  • Original/Classic Portion: These are moist bags based on the original Swedish portions.
  • White Portion: These are drier and long-lasting compared to the original/classic portions.
  • General Mini Portion: These are smaller packages you can experience almost anywhere.
  • General Loose Snus: It is not pre-packaged into pouches and is usually strong.

The best flavors from Swedish match

Now, there are hundreds of different snus products that you can use, but we want our customers to try the best. We have collected some of the best General products for you. They are:

General Original Portion

Any list of products associated with General would be incomplete without this portion. It's like having Mr. Boman feed the tobacco directly to you. The unmistakable tobacco taste stirs your taste buds like a cod swimming gleefully in a peaceful lake.

This product is slightly moist and runny, which makes it harder to consume in a social situation. The flavor and nicotine release are almost instantaneous with this boy. Ideally, you should use it when you're home because this tobacco product may cause you to salivate considerably.

General White Portion

If the Mona Lisa is the magnum opus of Leonardo da Vinci, then General White is the magnum opus of snus manufacturers. Snus in Sweden is usually of much higher quality, but they've really outdone themselves with the White Portion.

It has a clear tobacco taste, with bergamot and citrus notes, topped with tea, dried grass, and leather. This is the whole shebang of taste. Trust us; it can't get any better than this. Also, this is a dry product, so you can use it almost anywhere without having to spit.

General White Mini Portion

So, what if you want to enjoy the White Portion at a party, a conference, or a cafe? The normal-sized bags are pretty bulky and noticeable. You can't just pop them in because people will notice it. This is where the miniature version comes in.

These contain all the delicious flavor and strength of the original bags but are smaller and more compact. You can pop them under your lip, and no one will notice it. Go ninja mode on your snus desires.

General Snus Original Extra Strong Portion

Do you like the classic General flavors but prefer the strength of brands like Siberia or Chainsaw? A General Extra Strong Portion of the Original stuff is just what you need. It has a combo of natural and artificial flavors that could have you hopping up and down like a pogo stick on caffeine. 

But the taste isn't the only thing that makes this product worth your while. As the name implies, this product has an EXTRA STRONG nico-kick. It hits you like a truck of clarity on a midsummer day.

General Onyx Titan

Nothing (And I mean NOTHING!) can beat the visual appeal of General Onyx Titan. It's like the Darth Vader or John Wick of the Snussz industry. If you haven't tried it, it's about time you join the dark side. The packaging of this product is beautiful, with dark colors and an even darker undertone.

Even the bags are entirely dark with beautiful stars on their surface. The taste is reminiscent of smoky rooms and nostalgic tobacco. These products are dry, and their nico-kicks usually last longer than others.

General Harvest

Harvest is a rare, limited edition product. What makes this product so rare and unique? Harvest is made with the finest parts of the tobacco leaves from Southern Brazil and a lot of love. Compared to the texture of other General brand products, Harvest is coarser.

It tastes like raw tobacco, with notes of roaster cocoa, leather, and rose hips. If there's any other product we could compare it to, it would be Ettan. It is also strong, with a 9 mg nicotine per gram concentration. You can find General Harvest in both Original and White portions.

General Mackmyra

This is another rare product from General. At some point, General decided to collaborate with Mackmyra. Their collaboration resulted in a popular Snus with the texture of tobacco mixed in with the taste of alcohol.

Even though it was a limited edition, General was forced to continue its production because of overwhelming demand. Try this product if you're a snus/cigarette user looking for something new or completely fresh. It's almost impossible not to like it.

Need help with your purchase?

We've discussed the classics, but this isn't everything that General offers. There are tons of other General products with varying strengths and flavors that you can try. For example, General Wintergreen White and General Mint White are two refreshing and underrated products we recommend.

If you want similar products from other brands, the closest option we can think of is Göteborgs Rapé. If you want help understanding Snus or need further recommendations, please read our Swedish Snus guide. While you're at it, join our family by reading our Snusdaddy Journal for updates and a lot more.

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