Can You Bring Nicotine Pouches & ZYNs on a Plane?
Erik Rosengren - Snus Expert
28 May, 2022

Can You Bring Nicotine Pouches & ZYNs on a Plane?

The simplest answer to this question is a resounding YES. You can bring nicotine pouches on a plane. The rules of the TSA are clear and concise about nicotine pouches, nicotine gum, and all the other nicotine products and their mobility.

If you fail to respect these rules, the people at the security checkpoint may bar your products from the flight. You may be forced to discard them, and the last thing smokers or nicotine guys like us is being stuck on an 8-hour-long flight without the sweet taste and kick of nicotine.

TSA Rules for Nicotine Pouches and Vapes on Planes

According to the Transportation Security Administration (TSA), all smoke-free products like nicotine pouches and nicotine gum can be put into your carry-on luggage or checked bags. If you intend to consume nicotine throughout the flight, then store your nicotine in the carry-on luggage or bag. Checked luggage is usually stored in the hold of an airplane, so if you place your nicotine pouches into the checked luggage, you will not be able to consume nicotine during the flight.

Caution While Flying

Although there aren't any restrictions on carrying nicotine pouches, you should be careful about consuming them while flying. Nicotine pouches must be discarded once the tingling sensation ends, and you should be careful when storing and disposing of them. Luckily, all nicotine pouches have a small compartment in the lid for used nicotine bags or pouches.

A green bag with a plane inside it holding nicotine pouches to represent the idea of biringing nicotine pouches on a plane

Recommended Nicotine Pouches When Flying

Our guide on nicotine pouches and their legality to bring onto planes wouldn't be complete without a list of great brands you can try. All of these brands are legal to bring on planes, and are also easy to fit into your luggage.

VELO Ice Cool Strong

This list wouldn’t be much of a list without the most sold option from VELO’s selection of nicotine pouches. They are a force to be reckoned with in the world of nicopods. And they’re also a convenient and easy can to bring on planes. If mint is not your groove, you should check out our brand page for VELO nicotine pouches to see other flavors that might fit you better.

ZYN Mini Dry Espressino Extra Strong

Next up is of course ZYN Espressino. Fun fact about ZYN is that Americans have started to actually call nicotine pouches just ZYNs (nice one). And we feel that’s perfectly great since we can’t have nicotine pouches without ZYN and their great quality pods and flavors.

LOOP Jalapeño Lime Strong

Move out of the way mint and coffee flavors because here you can zing up your taste buds with LOOP Jalapeño lime strong. A perfect fit for someone who wants new flavors and experiences.

KILLAPODS Cola Extra Strong

This is for the veterans out there who’s been doing nicotine pouches (or ZYN’s) for a longer time. If you want something strong, then KILLA nicotine pouches won’t disappoint in their wide variety of flavors kicked up with strong nicotine content.


TSA Rules for E-Cigarettes and Liquid Devices on Planes

You can bring e-cigarettes, atomizers, and liquids with you while flying. However, since e-cigarettes rely on lithium batteries and different forms of liquids, the rules are much stricter.

According to the TSA, all electronic smoking devices have to be kept in your carry-on luggage or bag, no matter the circumstances. Lithium batteries and vapes should never be placed in your checked luggage.

The liquids, such as nicotine salts or other e-liquids, can be kept in your carry-on bag or luggage. The only rule that applies to them is the liquid rule. According to the TSA, you cannot carry more than 100 ml of these juices or liquids in your carry-on. If you have more than 100 ml of vape juice or liquid, you'll have to put it in your luggage.


General Tips for Flying with E-Cigs and Liquids

Please do not use glass bottles for your liquid or juice. These can break and spoil your belongings. Ideally, you should use a plastic container and pack them in a clear zip-lock bag to avoid confusion at the airport.

As for the batteries, you should use a battery case. Please discharge them and pack them safely. At high altitudes, a battery may overheat if plugged in, leading to a fire. Therefore, you should always carry your batteries in a safe case.

As for the vapes and pens, please empty the cartridges before boarding or while packing. The liquid can leak and damage your belongings at low pressures and high elevations. Please stay safe and pack your e-cigs and vapes following the safety regulations.

An e-cigarette vape pen and liquids on a plane representing flying with e-cigs and nicotine juices

Why Use Nicotine Pouches Instead of a Cigarette or Vape on a Plane?

It's not about the pros and cons of using different vapes or atomizers. The fact is that you cannot use a vape or cigarette on an airplane. In-flight smoking is highly pernicious and prohibited. No matter what happens, it would be best if you did not smoke tobacco or vape while on an airplane.

You can only use smoke-free products like nicotine pouches and nicotine gum while in the air. Anything else will get you arrested or fined. Stay out of trouble and use the pouches. Furthermore, in some cases, a country could have a ban on e-cigarettes or vapes, like Argentina, Australia, and Brunei. If you're looking for a way to stop smoking, you should read our article on this.

After landing in those countries, your vape-related products may be confiscated. So, why even take that risk. Use the safer and healthier nicotine pouches and avoid the extra hassle. You can order your favorite nicotine pouches by visiting Snusdaddy today.

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Frequently Asked Questions About Nicotine Products On Planes

Can I bring ZYN nicotine pouches on a plane?

You can bring ZYN nicotine pouches on a plane because they do not violate any regulations. In fact, we recommend using ZYN nicotine pouches because they are easy to carry around, spit-free, and come in various concentrations and flavors. If you are interested in ZYN pouches, you should look at our list ranking all the zyn flavors.

Is snus allowed on planes?

Snus is a tobacco-based pouch that is allowed on airplanes. According to general regulations, you can put a snus pack in your carry-on bag or your checked luggage. Since snus pouches are dry tobacco-based products, you can use them without any repercussions while on an airplane.


In conclusion, you can bring nicotine pouches and ZYNs on a plane without any issues. You must adhere to the TSA rules and regulations to ensure a smooth flying experience. Be careful about disposing of used nicotine pouches and storing them in the right way to avoid any accidents.

Using nicotine pouches instead of cigarettes or vapes is a safer and healthier alternative, especially while flying. You can find various nicotine pouch brands and flavors on Snusdaddy, a one-stop-shop for all your nicotine needs. Remember to respect the rules, stay safe, and enjoy your flight.

Certainly, we may also be wrong. Either way, our .com site offers a wider variety of products available to customers shopping from outsite of Europe, including a grand assortment of Swedish snus with tobacco.