White Fox Nicotine Pouch Review (Updated 2023)
Erik Rosengren - Snus Expert
16 July, 2022

White Fox Nicotine Pouch Review (Updated 2023)

For all our nico-bros and sisters out there, who don't know about White Fox Nicotine Pouches, you're missing out on the whole shebang. Manufactured by GN Tobacco, this is one of the strongest nicotine pouches on the market. GN Tobacco went all out with the design and appeal of White Fox. All their products come in eco-friendly plastic cans, with the wise and glorious Fox logo on its lid.

The Fox has secrets of his own. Beneath his curious eyes is a secret compartment to store your used pouches. It comes in five different flavors, with four being mint snus and the fifth being tobacco flavored. All these are 100% tobacco-free and are an excellent option for those who want to cut down on smoking or quit altogether.

Best white fox nicotine pouch flavors

For all of our snus users out there, we've compiled a list of the best flavors they offer. Just click on the link, and it will take you to the review you are looking for.

Table of contents

1. White Fox Slim - Reviewed: (5/5)

White Fox Mint nicotine pouches are our personal favorites. It has an intense mint flavor and is packaged in discreet pouches. The nicotine content of 16mg/g delivers a pleasant nicotine buzz. Couple this with the mint, and you have the perfect dose of refreshing nicotine for your mornings.

Order White Fox Slim that got 5 out of 5 stars in reviews

This is one of our best-selling products and compares favorably with VELO Ice Cool. And to be fair, who wouldn't want a long-lasting, intense dose of nicotine? Pop a bag of this under your lip, and you'll be on your way to neverland.

2. White Fox Black Slim - Reviewed: (4.7/5)

For some people, the aroma of a pouch is the most critical factor. Some pouches have this nauseating smell that just doesn't sit well with you. This isn't the case with our good old Black Edition pouches here. When you take the lid off of this boy, the smoky aroma of mint and pepper will hug you like a long-lost lover. 

Image featuring trust pilot stars and white fox black slim edition and more information including a button to order this nicotine pouch

Despite being slim, these pouches have copious amounts of nicotine (30mg/g, to be precise). Even though these pouches are tobacco-free, they still have a dash of tobacco flavor. So you can enjoy the taste of tobacco without "tobacco." We don't know how they worked it out, but White Fox has some magic in their modern factories. If you're a smoker, this should be your go-to pouch. 

3. White Fox Double Mint - Reviewed: (4.7/5)

The mint aromas welcome you immediately when you open the can. Like a fresh and cool breeze, it lifts you off your feet and envelops your senses. The extra strong taste of mint and methanol is enough to keep your heart swirling and your mind spinning. 

Image with white fox double mint can and trust pilot reviews with information and button to order

It's classified as a strong nicopod, but in your mouth, it will feel like an extra-strong nicopod. Prepare to have your eyes opened and your senses sharpened. If you like VELO ice-cool, Killa Cold, or Pablo, you'll definitely like Fox Double Mint. 

4. White Fox Full Charge - Reviewed: (4.5/5)

As the name implies, this pouch isn't a joke. These pouches have the unique effect of simultaneously burning and cooling your taste buds. It's like eating Seekh Kebabs with chocolate syrup, but somehow the flavors complement each other. 

Image with white fox full charge nicotine pouches and trust pilot reviews with more information and a button to buy them

These pouches come in full portions and have a nicotine strength of 16 mg/g. Coupled with the strong mint and spearmint, the nicotine release from this pouch will hit you like a truck filled with a ton of bricks. For extra effect, you should tune into Eminem's Zeus. You'll feel like Vin Diesel on a Decepticon.

5. White Fox Peppered Mint - Reviewed: (4.5/5)

This pouch is made with pure white nicotine, black pepper, strong mint, and a lot of love. Due to the combination of black pepper with mint, the flavour release is unlike anything you've encountered before. These pouches also contain essential natural oils that give them a long-lasting effect and leave a pleasant aftertaste. 

Image with a can of white fox peppered mint with trust pilot reviews and a button to order the nicotine pouches

These white nicotine pouches come snuggly packed in a slim format. The strength of these pouches is 16 mg/g, like most of the other Mint Slim options. If you want to experience something new, try out peppered mint. 

White Fox Strength and Formats

These pouches come in two different nicotine strengths:

  1. 16 mg/g: These are for veteran users of nicotine. Most slim format pouches follow this nicotine standard.
  2. 30 mg/g: If you are a novice, don't even consider touching these pouches. The nicotine density of these pouches rivals that of Pablo and Ace X.


Frequently asked questions about white fox snus


How long does a White Fox Nicotine Pouch last?

A White Fox pouch can last for up to 45 minutes. The tingling sensation starts after 1 minute and usually lasts for a few minutes. You can get rid of the pouch or keep using it once the sensation ends.

Most people like to keep their pouches in for more than 30 minutes to enjoy the slow release of flavor.


How many pouches are in white fox nicotine cans?

There are 20 white fox pouches in each can. Each can should last at least a day. You can find all of your favorite flavors at Snusdaddy.

We have good news if you're worried about your pack running out. You can order a whole roll of White Fox cans at incredible discounts to save some of your hard-earned money. 


Why use white Fox nicotine Pouches from GN Tobacco?

Before using any product, you must keep three things in mind: utility, Safety, and Cost. The utility is the happiness that you receive from using a product.

Safety is the level of standard health procedures that the brand follows. These nicotine pouches offer a tobacco-free experience with their natural oils.

Finally, Cost is the affordability of the product. Not everyone has free money to throw away! White Fox trumps in all of these categories. If you want to re-experience nicotine, then this is one product that you should try out no matter what.


Who shouldn't use these products?

We encourage all our nico-bros to try this. But there are certain limits and safety lines that some people shouldn't cross. If you have any underlying health condition that could exacerbate because of nicotine usage, then please don't use it.

Also, you shouldn't use these nicotine products if you are pregnant. Finally, children should be kept away from these pouches.

If anything, they should be in school. I repeat, please keep your children away from nicotine. Give them a lollipop or chocolates!


So who is White Fox snus for?

This brand isn't for everybody. They created these pouches to cater to a specific part of the demographic. If you're in one of these categories, then and only then should you pick up this pouch. 

Experienced Users

These pouches have been created for people who have prior experience using nicotine pouches.

I've mentioned it before, but to reiterate, these pouches are not for beginners. Yes, we all want to feel big and strong by trying things out of our league. However, the last thing you want is nodding off or feeling queasy because of an intense nico kick. 

Flavor Seekers

You should try these pouches if the same old flavors are boring you. Compared to traditional pouches, the flavors in these pouches are more intense and enjoyable. It's like starting your nicotine journey all over again. 

Heavy Smokers

If you have difficulty getting rid of cigarettes, you should use these pouches. Due to the potent nicotine concentration of these pouches, your desire for cigarettes will die down. You can keep reducing your tobacco usage until you lose your smoking habit.


Where can you buy white fox snus?

You can buy White Fox nicotine pouches online at the most affordable prices on the market. Snusdaddy has all kinds of nicotine goodies to fulfill your demands. The best part is that you can order your pouches from any corner of the world.

All of our orders are dispatched through our fast shipping policy. So, for example, if you live in the UK and order right now, you'll have your pouches at your doorstep in the next four to five working days. And since you are our nico-bro, we'll give you tremendous discounts on large orders. So what are you waiting for? Order away!


Snus on!



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