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Many snus brands have roamed the pockets and shelves of snus lovers worldwide, but very few find a home in their hearts. One of those few chosen brands is Jakobssons Snus. With tons of amazing flavors, a holistic category of nicotine strengths, and ultra-soft pouches, Jakobssons Snus is the brand that we all need and deserve. But where does this brand come from, and why was it made?

Jakobssons Snus History

Jakobsson Snus is named after the maestro and founder himself, Henrik Jakobsson. In 2007, Henrik was tired of the same old flavors and subpar quality of snus circulating the wider world. To combat this, he decided to create a brand new pouch, with his own special recipe, straight from his kitchen. 

After years of development and quality control, Jakobssons is now a fan-favorite. Currently, Gotlandssnus AB owns the rights to Jacoksson snus, while other manufacturers like Swedish Match AB are competing for its shares. These premium pouches were and are still manufactured in their state-of-the-art factories on the beautiful island of Gotland in Sweden. 

Jakobssons Snus Strengths

Jakobsson's snus offers multiple different nicotine strengths for both beginners and experienced users. The overall nicotine concentration per pouch varies between 4.9 and 14 mg. If you're a beginner looking for a quick nicotine fix, try the 5 mg to 7 mg snus. 

Only experienced users should go for the more nicotine-rich portions. Overall, the nicotine kicks from Jakobssons Snus hit a bit harder because of the tobacco and strong flavors. You can enjoy these varying strengths in multiple formats. 

Jakobssons Snus Portion

Jakobssons Snus offers its products in four main formats. These formats are:

  • Original Portion Snus: These portions contain a bit of moisture, a lot of tobacco, and heaps of flavor. Due to the increased moisture, they also drip more.
  • Mini Original Portion Snus: These are smaller and more compact versions of the original portions. You can use them more discreetly in different situations. 
  • Slim White Portion Snus: These are thin pouches, with a dry surface, and low moisture content. Because of the minimal moisture, these pouches drip less and are spit-free.
  • Mini White Portion Snus: These miniature versions of the slim white pouches are much smaller and compact. You can use them in a number of situations without anyone noticing. 

All Jakobssons Snus pouches are made with ultra-soft material, which makes them easier on the gums. You can use them back-to-back without any cuts or abrasions. The soft material also ensures a consistent release of flavor and nicotine. 

Jakobsson Snus Flavor

Henrik Jakobsson spared no effort in creating new flavors, and Gottland Snus has carried his legacy through time. As of today, Jakobssons Snus offers multiple delicious and fresh flavors including:

  • Jakobsson Mint
  • Jakobsson Melon
  • Jakobsson Cola
  • Jakobsson Wintergreen

If you're an experienced snus user, we highly recommend trying Jakobsson's melon strong portion snus. It has a juicy flavor and an explosive nicotine kick that will have your taste buds swooning in joy. But where can you buy these iconic snus portions?

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