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Kaliber snus is the definition of an amalgam between classic snus and modern flavors. Despite its modern flavors and doses of nicotine, Kaliber snus manages to stay true to its Swedish snus roots. With a rich taste of tobacco packed into each pouch, speckled with the ingenuity of modern flavors, Kaliber snus is just what every snus lover needs.

Who Owns Kaliber Snus?

Kaliber Snus is a sub-company of Swedish Match. It's the same parent company that holds General, Ettan, and ZYN. If you're acquainted with these brands, you'll probably understand how seriously Swedish Match takes its products. You can catch a glimpse of Swedish Match's high quality standards in every Kaliber pouch.

Swedish Match launched Kaliber in 2011. This beautiful snus brand was a homage to classic snus and a peace token to the future of snus. It's one reason why snus consumers love this brand, and remain loyal to its visions. The unique production method of this pouch gives it a delicious tobacco character and savory hints of citrus. 

Strength of Kaliber Snus

Kaliber offers two main strength categories, Standard and Plus. The standard snus portions have a nicotine concentration of 7 to 7.5 mg per gram. The Kaliber Plus snus portions have a nicotine density of 10 to 11 mg per gram. The standard portions have a manageable nicotine content, so just about anyone can use them.

The Plus portion snus is a bit stronger and we'd only recommend using them if you're experienced. Please dispose of the pouches safely when you're done using them. Even this nicotine content can prove dangerous for pets and children. Keep your Kaliber pouches away from children and pets at all costs. 

Kaliber Snus Portions

Unline most snus brands, Kaliber doesn't have Loose snus. Apart from this major difference, everything else about Kaliber portions remains the same. The three mains options that Kaliber offers are:

  • Standard Portions: The standard portions follow a classic Swedish snus recipe. Each pouch has a rich tobacco flavor and is slightly moist. The extra moisture gives you a quick release of nicotine and flavor. But these pouches also drip and are messier. 
  • White Portions: Kaliber white portions follow a more modern approach to snus. These portions retain their flavor but have a low moisture content and a dry surface. Consequently, they drip less and are much easier to manage. They also have a more long-lasting and consistent release of flavor and nicotine. 
  • Plus Portions: These are standard and white portions but with a bit more nicotine, flavor, and size. These new portions pack a stronger punch and are only for experienced nicotine users. These pouches are also more noticeable under your lip because of their size. You win some, you lose some!

If you are a die-hard fan of strong snus, we recommend using the snus portions. You should also keep a pack of Kaliber white portions for a discreet dose of nicotine. Compared to the Plus portions, the standard ones are harder to notice. They also produce less drip. So, you can use them almost anywhere for a smoke and spit-free experience. 

Kaliber Snus Flavors

The most noticeable thing about Kaliber snus is its medium-bodied and rich tobacco taste. The flowery tobacco character of Kaliber portions is backed by additional flavors like lingonberry, bergamot, and citrus. The flavors tend to change based on the product you're using. Here's a quick rundown to help you choose one:

  • Kaliber Original Portion Snus: The dark tobacco flavor fuses with the subtle hints of lingonberry and bergamot, to give you a pouch worth remembering. We would easily put it on par with Göteborgs. It's a great option for people who want a simple snus with a great combination of classic flavors. 
  • Kaliber VIT (White Portion): These pouches retain the dark flavor of tobacco but combine it with the refreshing joy of herbs and citrus. Instead of a slightly bitter taste, you get a rich tobacco character with hints of wild herbs, sour citrus and red berries. It's one of the best snus products in the world!
  • Kaliber White Salmiak (VIT Salmiak): These pouches are a notch better than the standard VIT pouches. Instead of the usual flavor, you get to enjoy a full dose of salmiak, fresh licorice, and dried figs. Pop a portion of VIT Salmiak, and you'll be roaming the high halls of Sweden in the blink of an eye.

We recommend trying the original portions at least once. The flavors and aroma are just what you'd expect from a top-notch Swedish snus brand. If you're a fan of more modern Snus flavors, try the VIT or VIT Salmiak portions. But please remember, Kaliber is a premium brand. You won't find their products in your local supermarket. So...

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