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Back in 2006, two brothers, Marc and Patrick Vogel (V2), launched their affordable snus brand, V2 Tobacco. They wanted people to have a more affordable alternative to premium snus. V2 is the parent of brands like Offroad, Chainsaw, and Thunder, all of which are recognized and in-demand snus brands.

In 2017, Swedish Match (another popular snus manufacturer) acquired V2. Since then, V2 and its subsidiaries, like Offroad, have skyrocketed in both quality and demand. There are hundreds of Snus brands on the market, but Offroad Snus stands out like the sun in the sky. 

Offroad Snus Specialty

 Offroad is one of the most affordable snus brands on the market. The Vogel brothers created Offroad as an alternative to the expensive premium snus products that were circulating the market. Even after years of its creation, Offroad stays true to its motive and motto of "value priced snus."

It's a great option and remains within the reach of people who love premium snus but can't afford the expensive options. And just because it's affordable doesn't mean it's not up to par. In fact, Offroad offers a diverse and modern portfolio of products. Each one of these is amazing. 

Offroad Snus Flavors

Offroad offers many different types and varieties of portioned snus. Some of the more prominent Offroad flavors and portions are:

  • Offroad X White Dry Portion
  • Offroad Eucalyptus White Portion
  • Offroad Frosted White Dry Portion
  • Offroad Licorice White Mini Portion
  • Offroad Classic Mini Portion 

All of these are wonderful selections of snus from Offroad. The main flavors in these pouches revolve around tobacco, but there are minor changes here and there. For example, licorice-flavored snus is slightly sweeter. The Frosted flavors are mintier and leave a fresh aftertaste. We recommend trying them all at least once. 

Offroad Snus Portions

Offroad has many portions that you can use based on your needs and preferences. The portions are white, original, mini, and loose.

  • Original Portions: These are standard portions that have an extremely strong flavor of tobacco. Sometimes these portions will also contain other elements, like mint or licorice. The high moisture content does ensure a fast nicotine release. 
  • White Portions: These are dry portions that contain refined tobacco. Their low moisture content makes them less drippy and easier to manage. White portions are perfect for people who want to get rid of the mess associated with snus without compromising on flavor.
  • Mini Portions: These are smaller pouches of snus, that you can use more discreetly. You can find mini portions in both original and white formats.
  • Loose Portions: These are cans of snus, that are not prepackaged. You have to take the snus out with your finger and roll it into a ball before placing it under your lip. They are very messy, but they give you the purest, strongest, and fastest taste of tobacco and nicotine. 

You need to find a portion based on your needs. Most people prefer mini white portions. Some of the hardcore snus fans prefer using the original portions. But before you can enjoy these portions, you need to find them. 

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You can read more about V2 Tobacco here.

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