Röda Lacket

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A Swedish original since 1897

Röda Lacket has undergone few changes over the years. In 2006 the flavors were strengthened, and the box got a new design. Basically, however, there is the same tobacco-like and lightly baked snus that has been part of the Swedish taste tradition for over 100 years.

The story of Röda Lacket began as early as the 18th century with Petter Swartz. Growing up in Bergslagen, he later moved to Norrköping, where he started his own snus factory in 1753. When production was at its greatest, the family's tobacco plantations covered an area corresponding to over 50 football pitches in the fields around Norrköping. They also made a name for themselves by leaving the then accepted paper cones to instead sell snus in their distinctively designed metal cans.

The Swartz brothers built their business around seven different recipes. The company, together with the snus recipes, was inherited for six generations. Röda Lacket became the strongest growing snus, and the brand was registered in 1897. When the state monopolized the Swedish tobacco industry in 1915, all production was to be centralized, but thanks to Röda Lacket's size in the market, the closure of the factory in Norrköping was delayed by several years. The monopoly was abolished in the 1960s, but Röda Lacket survived. Today they manufacture snus in its original form, as loose snus.

Now under the brand Swedish Match.

Swedish Match found at Snusdaddy.

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