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Chainsaw snus, by V2 Tobacco, who also manufactures Offroad snus and Thunder snus, is a new extra strong snus brand with focus on strength. The label was produced by the development team at V2 Tobacco and the result was a product with a rough expression, simple and minimalistic forms and a name that does not require further introduction!

Chainsaw Cold Dry White Portion has a nicotine content of 22 mg/g and a clear taste of cold mint. The mint taste in these tobacco pouches makes the high nicotine content feel even higher. This is a strong snus that is reminiscent of Thunder snus in the seasoning. Thunder snus has become an immensely popular snus brand when it comes to Snus US. V2 tobacco has a hope that Chainsaw snus will also become a big seller when they look at the market for Snus US.

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