How to Buy Nicotine Pouches Online in Italy (2023)
Erik Rosengren - Snusexpert
10 October, 2022

How to Buy Nicotine Pouches Online in Italy (2023)

You can buy nicotine pouches in Italy from the comfort of your home with Snusdaddy. Italy prohibited the sale of nicopods till 2002. The government of Italy lifted the restrictions on nicopods recently and sale of nicopods is now approved.

But what should you purchase? What are the best quality nicopods? And what does the ban lift mean?

Don't worry because these are the questions that we'll answer below. We'll also tell you about some sweet secret deals that we offer on our website.

Where can you buy nicotine pouches online in Italia?

The easiest way to purchase nicopods online is to do it from Snusdaddy since we sell nicopods worldwide and stock a variety of nicotine bags that we ship to Italy.

However, our inventory isn't limited to nicopods. We also have smokeless tobacco products like Swedish snus from verified producers like Siberia and General. We have some of the most competitive prices in the market for you and provide fast shipping to Italy.

You can get all your favorite nicopods throughout the country through the fast and reliable Postnord and UPS. Usually, people get their orders within 3 to 5 working days. You may get your order even sooner if the conditions are favorable. So, order right away. Check our special offers section if you want some extra value for less money.

Best nicotine pouches and brands in Italia

To make your job easier, we've listed what's selling the most in Italy, so you don't have to look through all of our products. Below, we've listed the best pouches and brands in Italy that will have you swooning like a victorian-era heroine from a Jane Austen book.

VELO & LYFT nicotine pouches Italy

VELO and LYFT are two sides of the same coin. LYFT products will now be known as VELO. If you want to enjoy some delicious nicotine in eco-friendly colorful packaging, then VELO is perfect for you. It has a range of nicopods that you can enjoy anywhere.

Ice Cool Mint - Experienced

Ice Cool is one of the best nicopods in the world. It is freshness incarnate in the form of small-sized bags. Recently, it has gained considerable fame in Qatar. We highly recommend nico-users to try this pouch because it is worth it. The fresh taste combined with the nicotine is like a bucket of ice water straight to the face. You'll love it!

Buy VELO Ice Cool Mint Italy

Creamy Coffee Mini - Experienced

The rich, rejuvenating magic of coffee and a strong nico-kick await you. Each bag has a nico-kick of 16 mg/g. Please don't touch it if you have no prior experience or tolerance. Each pack has 20 bags, which means you can stay awake for hours on end.

Buy VELO creamy coffee mini Italy

Eucalyptus Slim X-Strong - Experienced

With a concentration of 16 mg/g (slightly lower than Creamy Coffee) complemented by the addition of Eucalyptus, this is one of the best VELO packs that you can get. You should consider adding this to your palate to increase its diversity.

Buy VELO eucalyptus slim x-strong Italy

ZYN nicotine pouches, Italy

ZYN is a subsidiary of Swedish Match and is a leading nicopod manufacturer. If you live in Italy, chances are you've already heard of it. We've listed some of the best ZYN packs that you can try out anywhere, any time. Choose your favorite one and enjoy.

Dry Spearmint - Anyone

Dry Spearmint is a level one nicopod perfect for beginners. Dry Spearmint has a nico-density of 4 mg/g. Although the nicotine content of this pouch is relatively low, it still packs a punch because of the sharp Spearmint ingredients. If you're a new smoker trying to quit a smoking addiction, read our World-of-ZYN article for some fantastic alternatives.

Buy ZYN dry spearmint Italy

Mini Dry Espressino - Experienced

If anything can wake you up, it's nicotine mixed with caffeine. The miraculous power of caffeine amplifies the kick. When you put a bag of Espressino under your upper lip, your urge to sleep will cease to exist. These pouches are Mini and Dry, so you can enjoy them anywhere without anyone noticing.

Buy ZYN mini dry espressino Italy

Mini Dry Citrus - Experienced

The juicy goodness of Oranges, Lime, and everything Citrusy fills every bag with Mini Dry Citrus. The bags pack quite a punch and are not for novices. Try this pack out and enter the sweet feeling of euphoria.

Buy ZYN dry citrus Italy


The inventories of manufacturers like VELO/LYFT contain enough variety to keep you interested in years. They are also constantly updating and changing their products. They even introduce regional flavors every once in a while, like VELO introduced Elaichi (Cardamom) flavored nicopods in Asia.

However, sometimes we crave something different. This is where other underrated and more exotic brands come into the picture. Here is our list of unique nicopods that you could give you the kick of your life.

KLINT Pomegranate - Anyone

Most nicopods are a bit too sweet. Get a KLINT Pomegranate pack if you have a tooth for sour things and need something different. The sour taste and strength of KLINT Pomegranate make it a good choice for any nico-lover's palate. It is widely underrated, and we believe it deserves to be more popular. KLINT has many other innovative products and combinations that you should try.

Buy KLINT pomegranate Italy

VOLT Frosted Apple Slim- Experienced

Who doesn't like apples? Snow White, but we aren't going to talk about that! Frosted Apple is essentially a marriage between the sweet flavor of apples and the refreshing brilliance of mint. The nico-density of Frosted Apple is 9 mg/g per bag. Beginners should not use this nicopod.

Buy VOLT frosted apple slim Italy

LOOP Jalapeño Lime - Experienced

With an intensity of 20 mg/g, this is one of the most potent nicopods. The sizzling Jalapeño and Lime combination further adds fuel to the fire. If you're a heavy smoker looking for an alternative, this is one nicopod you should try. If you're a beginner looking for giggles, please steer clear of this product.

LOOP Jalapeno Lime

Super nicopods

The nicopods above should be enough to keep you interested in a few months. If you want more recommendations, read our 10 best tobacco-free nicopods article. It has information about some spicy and feisty options that you can use in your office, at home, or at a party.

If you're a smoker looking for ways to quit, read our detailed guide on how to quit smoking with nicopods.

Are Nicotine Pouches Legal In Italy?

Yes, nicotine pouches are legal in Italy. In January 2022, the Italian Senate passed a bill that legalized the sale and import of nicopods in Italian markets. The Italian Senate has yet to present the exact rules and regulations, but we could see some developments over the next few years.

Currently, the taxation on a kilogram of nicopods is 22 Euros. In other parts of Europe, nicopods have yet to be regulated properly. However, compared to the impact of heated tobacco products worldwide, we could see more taxation from the EU.

You may have a hard time buying snus since it isn't tobacco-free. Some countries and states allow snus/snuff, but a majority don't. You can own snus and consume it, but you can't sell it commercially.

Also, even though nicopods are now allowed, there are still some ethical and moral duties. Only adults should consume nicopods. According to the law, you must be at least 18 years old to purchase cigarettes or nicopods. 

Ideally, only people older than 20 years should consume these products. 18 and 19 are formative years. Using nicotine in these years could decrease or hinder your mental growth. Pregnant women and people with underlying health conditions should not consume nicopods.

Take care, Snus-fam,

Erik at Snusdaddy.

Certainly, we may also be wrong. Either way, our .com site offers a wider variety of products available to customers shopping from outsite of Europe, including a grand assortment of Swedish snus with tobacco.