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Class, quality, flavor, and an overwhelmingly beautiful design are some of the things that can be used to define Lundgrens Snus. With its diverse portions of snus, perforated portions, and production processes that adhere strictly to quality standards, Lundgrens snus is every snus lover's ideal brand.

Lundgrens Snus has been experiencing increased demand over the past few years. With more of their products reaching markets in Europe and the US, and bans on smoking, we expect their demand to grow even more. Why is Lundgrens snus so popular, and...

Who Owns Lundgrens Snus?

Lundgrens snus is a subsidiary of Fiedler and Lundgrens. It all started with a snus fanatic named Samuel Fiedler in 1783. Samuel created his perfect blend of snus using different kinds of tobacco from North and South America. He succeeded in producing a traditional snus that embodied fine craftsmanship.

Samuel Fiedler created his first tobacco factory in Gothenburg, where he perfected his initial blend of Swedish snus. The factory operated in good shape until 1915, when the Swedish tobacco monopoly stormed the market. By then Samuel Fiedler had passed away, but his vision was still as bright as before.

The company moved to Denmark. After years of skirmishes against the monopoly, the owners formed their brand Fiedler & Lundgren in 2002. With the intent of breaking the monopoly, the brand entered the Swedish Market in 2004 with production lines like Lungrens Snus. 

Lundgrens by Fiedler proved to be one of the most successful and innovative brands in Sweden and other parts of Europe. They increased production, made a unique type of pouch, and new flavors, Their innovations spread to other snus manufacturers, and forever revolutionized the way people enjoyed snus.

What separates Lungdrens from the other brands? We'll have to answer this by explaining...

The Art Called Lundgren Snus

In simple words, Lundgrens snus is a premium brand. It has all the shades of traditional snus and an array of modern flavors. You could say that Lundgrens is a tasty brand of snus and nicotine pouches. All of their various flavors and portions are an ode to Sweden, the homeland of quality snus. 

What makes Lundgren special is their unique pouches. Normally, snus is notorious for its drip, which makes it messier and unfavorable. The best way to reduce drip is by decreasing moisture and making pouches with fewer perforations. Lungdrens does the exact opposite.

Their pouches have more holes, which lead to an amazing nicotine kick, and a grand release of flavor. At the same time, it doesn't increase the drip. According to what we know, Lundgrens drips less than most snus pouches on the market. Somehow, Lundgrens has perfected snus and negated all of the negative aspects of classic snus.

Lundgren also has white portions. These portions have even lower drips compared to the other portions. And their cans are literal pieces of artwork because they look and feel brilliant. Each can is just the right size to fit into a pocket, purse, or hand.

The color scheme is sober and quite attractive. Each can also has a catch lid that you can pop open using the small notch in the lid. Lundgrens snus cans have the most spacious lid on the market because of their expanding surface. It's perfect for overnight camping or outdoor activities where trash cans aren't handy.

If you don't have a trash can around, you can store your used nicotine pouches in the lid. Please empty the catch lid once in a while, for good hygiene. The best thing about Lundgrens snus is its flavor. They have the best-tasting snus in the industry. Let's understand...

Lundgrens Snus Flavors - All Shades of Tobacco

Lundgren's flavors are special because each flavor is related to a region in Sweden. Each flavor embodies a part of traditional snus' history. Primarily, the flavors revolve around organic tobacco leaves grown with love, but there are minor differences. These small changes make the experience of each product wholly different. These flavors are:

  • Skåne: It's a combination of nature's bounties. You can taste the rich taste of tobacco, wild berries, and undertones of a woody coniferous forest. If you want to be one with nature, then try the raw delicious taste of Skane. 
  • Fjällen: This is another rich flavor from Lundgrens. It combines the flavor of strong tobacco with fresh cloudberries. The flavor feels like a Swedish forest on a new dewy morning. The nicotine rush is soft and long-lasting. 
  • Västkusten: A combination of grainy tobacco, rosehip, and heather makes this pouch one of the best-smelling pouches in the market. The flavoring is reminiscent of clear Swedish mornings. Enjoy it on your jog, trek, or hike! 
  • Österlen: It's a more modern approach to snus. The combination of tobacco, with red/green apples, makes Osterlen a juicy offering for everyone. The sweet flavor of apples blends well with the smoky taste of tobacco. 
  • Örtagård: If you want pure tobacco of the highest quality, try Ortagard. It literally has nothing else but fine-grade tobacco. The flavor is rich, full-bodied, and strong. The perforated pouch allows the nicotine and flavor to release in a torrent of euphoric joy. 
  • Norrland: Take pure tobacco, mix it with the taste of fresh greenery, and you'll get Norrland's unique blend. Every time you open the can, the strong, welcoming aroma of fresh tobacco will greet you like an old friend. It's the perfect pouch for a late afternoon chill or a quick break from work.
  • Skärgården: The combination of classic tobacco with rich summer berries, makes this a delicious pouch worth trying. The flavors are regal and unique like the archipelagos close to Sweden, which also happen to be the inspiration for these pouches. 

All of these flavors are available in white portions. For reference, white portions are slightly dryer compared to standard portions. The lack of moisture reduces drip and increases the consistency of the flavor and nicotine release.

You can enjoy Lundgren's products in standard and slim format pouches. Slim pouches are thinner than the usual pouches and fit more discreetly under your lip. You can use them in situations where you don't want the people around you to notice your snus use. Slim pouches are ideal for use on a plane, in the office, or at home. And you don't have to worry about...

Lundgrens Nicotine Strengths

Most Lundgrens nicotine pouches are considered normal strong. The nicotine content of Lundgrens snus and nicotine pouches stays close to 10 mg/g. It means that most people can use them without any major problems. If you're a smoker looking for a tobacco-based substitute, then Lundgrens snus is one of the best options for you.

The 10 mg pouches are perfect for you. When you use these pouches, you won't have any tobacco cravings, and countless people have reported success in their smoking withdrawal with pouches as strong as these. You can...

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