ZYN Mini Dry Cool Mint 3 mg

ZYN Mini Dry Cool Mint 3 mg

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Product description:

ZYN Cool Mint Mini Dry Normal has a taste of menthol with hints of peppermint.

  • 1-piece 4.78€ (4.78€/piece)
  • 10% 10-pack 42.80€ ( 4.28€ /piece)
  • 12% 30-pack 125.40€ ( 4.18€ /piece)
  • 14% 60-pack 245.40€ ( 4.09€ /piece)
  • 16% 100-pack 399€ ( 3.99€ /piece)
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ZYN Mini Dry

Discover the refreshing mint sensation of ZYN Cool Mint Mini. These nicotine pouches are specially crafted to deliver an invigorating experience, packed with a generous amount of peppermint and eucalyptus oil for an unparalleled freshness. The flavor profile is intense, leaving you with a satisfying cooling effect. If you're looking for a truly revitalizing alternative to regular snus, ZYN Cool Mint Mini is the perfect choice.

How strong is ZYN Mini Dry?

ZYN Cool Mint offers two packaging options: Mini Dry and Slim. The Mini Dry variant features small-sized portions with minimal moisture content, while the Slim variant consists of longer, slimmer bags with a lower moisture level. The choice between the two is subjective, catering to individual preferences. Both categories have been well-received, offering a comfortable feel and avoiding excessive runniness. Each pouch contains 7.5mg/g or 3mg of nicotine, providing a regular strength experience.

100% tobacco free!

ZYN Cool Mint stands out with its fully white appearance. Not only are the portions white, but the contents themselves lack any coloration. ZYN achieves this through the use of filling materials, such as various fiber types, which create the characteristic snowy appearance of the pouches. By producing nicotine products without tobacco, ZYN ensures a unique and satisfying experience while adhering to its commitment to provide alternatives to traditional snus.

Experience the refreshing allure of ZYN Cool Mint Mini, where the portions and contents are perfectly white. Enjoy the invigorating flavors and embrace the snowy aesthetic that sets ZYN apart. Explore the world of tobacco-free nicotine products and elevate your satisfaction to new heights with ZYN Cool Mint Mini.

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TypeAll White
More Information
ProducerSwedish Match AB
Nicotine Content0.75 %
Nicotine mg/g7.5 mg
Nicotine mg/pouch3 mg
Moisture Content2.7 %
Snus Weight/Can8 g
Weight/Portion0.4 g

Ingredients: fillers (maltitol, cellulose, gum arabic), acidity regulators (sodium carbonate), stabilizers (hydroxypropyl cellulose), nicotine bitartrate, flavorings, sweeteners (Acesulfame K).

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