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Portion snus is, as it sounds, pre-packaged snus portions that are easy to handle and have a suitable size. Portion snus is a relatively modern phenomenon in terms of the history of Swedish snus.

Snus has been around since the 17th century, but during the first 300 years it was only in the form of loose snus. In the 1970s, Swedish Match came with the innovation portions of snus in the form of pre-packaged snus portions. It took the market by storm and quickly became immensely popular. Since then, the portion snus has continued to develop and is today available in many varieties. Both in terms of shape, appearance, and taste. White portion is a further modernization of the portion snus that was developed in the 1970s. From the beginning, it was mostly the original portion that was used since it is more reminiscent of loose snus. The portion bags are wetter, which means that they give off taste faster but at the same time flow significantly more. To make snus more accepted, it was necessary to offer a product that could be used in a discreet and stylish way. That was when white portion snus came into being. This was 1996 and today it is the most common snus variety. These portion bags are not moistened after production, which means that they run less. This means that due to their surface being slightly drier, they do not release flavor as quickly as traditional portions. White portion is available in many different brands where the most famous is perhaps Göteborgs Rapé or General White Portion. In terms of strength and taste, the range is almost unlimited. You will find white portions of snus with a nicotine content from 4 mg/g to 43 mg/g. The strongest is Siberia snus, which is a real beast when it comes to Swedish snus. White portion snus is also available in different sizes, everything from large portion to slim and mini portion. If you want to learn more about white portion snus and want to get some tips when you order snus online, I suggest you keep reading.


White portion snus - A guide to size and format

As I mentioned earlier, white portions of snus are available in several different formats. Here is a review of these.


Large portion:

The most common format where you will find bestsellers such as Siberia -80 White Dry Portion, General White Portion or Kapten Extra Strong White Mint. Large portions are hearty tobacco pouches that fill well under the upper lip. Large portion was the original size of portion snus. Large portion of snus gives you a full-bodied experience with a lot of flavor and a stable nicotine intake. A classic tobacco pouch in large format weighs around 1 g.


Slim Portion:

A narrower tobacco pouch that lies comfortably under the lip. If you want to be discreet in your use of Swedish snus, slim portion can be an option for you. Both taste and nicotine uptake are slightly slower in slim portions compared to large portions. The weight of a tobacco pouch in slim format is 0.7 - 0.9 g. An example of a slim portion is the XR series with Xrange Catch Mint Slim White Portion from General snus.


Super slim portion:

Very reminiscent of slim portion but is even thinner for a more discreet feeling. Effective taste release and relatively high nicotine uptake as the surface is large in relation to the snus weight. A tobacco pouch of super slim format has a weight of about 0.5 g. General G.4 uses the super slim format, as well as Skruf snus who produces several variants of Swedish snus in super slim format.


Mini portion:

If you are looking for an extremely discreet form of using Swedish snus, mini portion is what you are looking for. Tobacco pouches in mini format that can still contain plenty of nicotine. Some best sellers when it comes to mini portions are Catch Dry Eucalyptus White Mini and General White Mini Portion. A tobacco pouch in mini format weighs about 0.3 g.


Best Swedish snus when it comes to white portion?

There are lots of snus brands and snus flavors when it comes to white portion snus. From the beginning, it was robust flavors with the tobacco taste in focus, as has always been the case with Swedish snus. But as the market has become more modern and technology has advanced, the range of different flavors has grown. There is so much to choose from today. But it is still the traditional snus with the tobacco taste in the center that leads the charge. However, mint snus is right behind it. Even extremely strong snus has also become immensely popular. Here is a top three of the white portions that sell the most on Snusdaddy.com.


  1. Siberia Snus

With its icy cold combined with tobacco pouches stuffed with nicotine, this beast takes first place. An extremely strong snus from GN tobacco that is sold in huge quantities all over the world. Siberia dip as they say in the US, is classified as the world's strongest snus. Today's snus world obviously likes strong snus. A can of Siberia snus is up to 5 times stronger than a normally strong snus and with its 43 mg of nicotine per gram of snus, it is our strongest snus.


  1. General White Portion

A Swedish snus classic that has been around for as long as you can remember. The clear tobacco taste together with the slightly sour taste of citrus makes this one of the very best Swedish snus flavors of all time. A normal-strength tobacco pouch that comes in a stylish box that reinforces the feeling of premium for this classic from Swedish Match. A General snus flavor of top quality.


  1. Nick & Johnny Crushed Ice White Portion

A snuff from Swedish Match with strong mint flavors. A strong snus that feels modern, both in taste and appearance. For those of you who like mint snus but think Siberia snus is a bit too intense, Nick & Johnny's mint snus is a really good alternative.


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