Pablo VS Siberia Snus: Who Wins The Snus Battle?
Erik Rosengren - Snusexpert
10 January, 2024
12 Min

Pablo VS Siberia Snus: Who Wins The Snus Battle?

Pablo Snus and Siberia are two well-known smokeless tobacco brands. Both brands are cementing their grasp in the snus industry with unique products that ooze quality. Like you, we wanted to know who would win if we put Pablo snus vs Siberia snus in a no-holds-barred competition.

To answer this question, we tried multiple rolls of each product, noted down our findings, had some drinks, and wrote it all down. Our goal today is to share our findings with you so you can make the best choice for your needs. 

Quick Overview: Pablo VS Siberia

Identifying Features Pablo Snus Siberia Snus
Owned By NGP Empire GN Tobacco
Nicotine Strengths 30 to 50 mg per gram 30 to 50 mg per gram
Ingredients Cellulose, Aroma, Water, PH-adjustment, Humectant, Nicotine,  Preservative Tobacco, Water, Table Salt, Aromas, Humectant (E1520), Acidity Regulator (E501)
Number of Flavors 13 Flavors (Mint, Tobacco, and various Fruity Flavors) 3 Flavors (Mainly Tobacco, Mint, Menthol, Peppermint)
Average Moisture Content 45 to 50 percent 30 to 35 percent
Average pH 6.5 to 8 7.5 to 8.5
How Long Does It Last? 5 to 45 minutes 5 to 45 minutes
Does It Contain Tobacco? No Yes, but is available as tobacco free
Average Price $4.19 $4.19

Our Verdict on Pablo VS Siberia: Which One Is Better?

After trying out multiple Pablo and Siberia products, Pablo is definitely our go-to product for unique flavors. The brand has tons of unique flavors, like Strawberry Cheesecake, that wow your senses. However, when it comes to enjoying the true essence of snus, we prefer Siberia. It has a strong tobacco character that teleports you straight through time to the very conception of snus. 

Introduction to Pablo Snus and Siberia

Pablo Snus is a subsidiary of the NGP Empire, while GN Tobacco owns Siberia. Siberia is often deemed the strongest snus on the market, with an average nicotine strength that exceeds 30 mg. Siberia is also a tobacco-based snus product, while Pablo states it is tobacco-free.

Both brands offer an exciting array of flavors and product lines that entice snus-lovers worldwide. A common trait in both brands is their attention to experienced snus users who enjoy high nicotine content. Although market research on both Pablo and Siberia is limited, based on prominent order trends, the brands seem to be popular in the US.

Key Differences and Similarities 

We tried different cans of Pablo and Siberia to experience everything first-hand. For reference, we focused on the intensity of flavors, strengths, aroma, and other factors that define a snus experience. We also noted the quality of each product and its ingredients. Here are our findings:

Flavor Comparison: Pablo Snus vs. Siberia

Flavor Comparison: Pablo Snus vs. Siberia

The first thing we noticed right off the bat was the tendency of Siberia to create more mint-oriented flavors. Since Siberia is a tobacco-based brand, most of their flavors have a strong tobacco character mixed with notes of bergamot and other fresh herbs. 

Pablo wins the flavor game because of its exquisite collection of flavors. You can find all kinds of flavors with Pablo, including mint, grape, and an exclusive Strawberry Cheesecake. Pablo definitely has a more diverse array of flavors. 

The Pablo Dry and Original product lines have hints of tobacco flavors. But at the same time, their products lack the strong characteristics of tobacco that some hardcore snus fans desire. 

As for intensity, the flavors are long-lasting. Siberian snus flavors are generally easier to wash off with a cold drink or any other treat. Pablo flavors, especially the fruity and sweet ones, tend to cling to your gums. If you like long-lasting sweet flavors, you should go for Pablo snus. 

Nicotine Strengths: A Side-by-Side Look

Siberia has nicotine strengths that vary between 30 and 43 mg per gram. The Siberia -80 Brown and Black are two of the strongest product lines. We advise caution and care when using these products because they could easily overwhelm a novice user. 

Pablo is a notch stronger than Siberia, with nicotine concentrations varying between 30 and 50 mg per gram, 5 times stronger than most standard nicotine pouches. The Exclusive product line has a fixed nicotine content of 50 mg per gram. The Dry and Original lines have a variable nicotine concentration that starts at 30 mg. 

When we used the products, Siberia snus felt extremely strong compared to Pablo. It was mainly because of the pH and moisture variances. At the same time, some Pablo flavors felt stronger than Siberia because of the particular nicotine concentration and flavor symphony. 

Aroma: Smelling The Juice

Aroma is an underrated factor that can impact your snus experience significantly. Siberian snus products have a musty, dark aroma that reminds you of fresh herbs and tobacco leaves. Most Siberia products have this predominant smell, except for the mint-flavored pouches. 

Pablo products have varying aromas. The fruity flavors smell sweeter compared to the standard pouches. Normally, strong mint aromas of some nicotine pouch brands repulse me. But when I used Pablo, the aroma was enticing and welcoming.

If we're talking about pure aroma, Pablo takes the win. From the moment you pop open the lid till the instance you throw the pouch away, the aroma engulfs your senses like a warm blanket on a cold wintery day. 

Ingredients: What Sets Them Apart

Siberia is the definition of classic Swedish snus. They use a classic Swedish recipe to capture the essence of fresh snus. Each can is created with premium-grade tobacco leaves that embody the desires of snus users and lovers worldwide. The type of tobacco, flavorings, etc. can vary, but the overall quality remains the same. 

Pablo uses a tobacco-free, all-white nicotine powder to create their plump pouches. Unlike Siberia, Pablo uses multiple different flavors in their pouches, so the ingredients change more rapidly. Overall, the main difference between Pablo and Siberia snus is the presence of tobacco. 

image depicting the ease of use in pablo snus vs siberia snus

Pablo Snus and Siberia: Ease of Use

Snus has a history of being harder to use than nicotine pouches. It means that Siberia would normally be harder to use than Pablo. However, when comparing the different products from both of these brands, the difference was minimal. In fact, both were effortless to use. Here's how Pablo compared against Siberia in different aspects of usability.

Formats of Pablo and Siberia Nicotine Pouches

Pablo has three formats:

  • Standard Pouches
  • Mini Pouches
  • Slim Portions

The Slim format portion snus pouches are thinner compared to the original portions, while the mini pouches are smaller and more compact. You can use these pouches in a number of different situations.

Siberia offers:

  • Slim and Mini Portions 
  • Brown Portions
  • White Dry Portion
  • Original portions

Brown portions are original portions with slightly more tobacco, while the White portions are drier and less moist compared to the original portions.

Overall, Siberia offers more versatility with different portions. You can use it in almost any situation while enjoying the best nicotine kicks. Pablo has great flavors, but most of the flavors come in standard formats, which means you can only use a limited number of its flavors in different situations. 

Drip and Mess Comparison

Tobacco products have a long-standing history of creating a mess. In fact, the main reason why people switched to White Portions in the early 2000s was because of the messy Original Portions. Even though Siberia offers White Dry portions, it's still messier compared to Pablo snus. 

The extra moisture and pH in the pouches create more saliva, which leads to more drip. This happens more readily with Original and Brown portions that contain more tobacco and moisture. Pablo pouches are spit-free and all-white, which means they do not create a mess and are easier to use. 

Nicotine Kicks of Pablo and Siberia

Siberia hits like a thunderstorm or a Siberian hailstorm, while Pablo feels like a strong gust of wind. Based on the pure intensity of the nicotine buzz, Siberia trumps Pablo. We can attribute this difference to the moisture levels in each product.

Because of the increased moisture and pH levels in Siberia products, the nicotine release is much quicker. Your senses experience more nicotine over a short period of time, which leads to a strong nicotine kick. Pablo has a slower release of nicotine, which makes the nicotine feel less potent. 

At the same time, Siberia has a more unstable release of nicotine over time. Pablo has a consistent and long-lasting release of nicotine. Pablo is much better for people who want a long-lasting pouch and experience. Siberia is perfect for well-experienced nicotine users, who want a strong whack from nicotine. 

Pablo Snus VS Siberia Shelf Life

Shelf life refers to how long a nicotine pouch maintains its freshness. Since nicotine pouches contain salt and other preserved ingredients, they don't have a specific shelf life. Tobacco-based products like chewing tobacco and snus have a shelf life. Naturally, Pablo snus has a longer shelf life than Siberia.

Siberia also loses moisture more readily compared to Pablo. Naturally, Siberia becomes stale more easily compared to Pablo. Keep your pouches in a dry and cool place, to keep your snus fresh for longer.

You can also store your pouches in a refrigerator to keep them fresh. When you open a can, try to use it within two weeks or a month at most. Read more on how to keep your nicotine pouches fresh to get more value from your products. 

Price Comparison

Overall, the prices of Siberia and Pablo aren't that different. The average price for most Siberia and Pablo products is $4.19 per can. However, Siberia does offer more variety in prices compared to Pablo. Here's a simplified Pablo Vs Siberia price comparison.

  Pablo Snus Siberia Snus
Most Common Price $4.19 $4,19
Most Expensive Price $4.19 $5.09
Least Expensive Price $3.69 $3.39
Range of Prices $3.69 to $4.19 $3.39 to $5.09

Save More On Each Purchase

You can save more on your purchases with Snusdaddy. Save about 25% on bulk purchases, which means you get 25% more of your favorite product. You can get even more discounts on the best Swedish snus products through our deals and discounts section.

image with siberia snus and pablo snus flavors with a review card of user experience

Siberia VS Pablo: What Users and Experts Say

Users and experts take different sides in the Pablo vs Siberia debate. While some side with Pablo for the unique path it's paving for snus, others believe Siberia is much more valuable because it stands true to the standards of traditional snus. While opinions vary, the decision to choose one lies within your power and needs. 

There are some pointers that you can use to make the right choice. For example, you can use the different use cases and practical implications of the different pouches to determine which pouch is best for you. 

Practical Considerations

Here are some use cases and practical considerations that you should take into account to make a better choice:

Use Case Pablo or Siberia Best Product For The Situation
For Quick and Strong Nicotine Kicks Siberia Sibera -80 Xtremely Black
For Long Lasting and Unique Flavors Pablo Any Pablo Exclusive Product
Strong Tobacco Flavor Siberia Siberia -80 Degrees Brown Portion
For Clean and Drip Free Usage Both Pablo and Siberia Any White Dry pouch
For Discreet Usage Siberia Siberia Ultra Slim or White Dry Mini
For High Level of Nicotine Pablo Pablo 50 Mg Exclusive Pouches
For Quitting Tobacco Pablo Any tobacco-free Pablo product
For Quitting Cigarettes Pablo or Siberia Any Pablo or Siberia product
At Home Pablo or Siberia Any pouch according to your tolerance
At Office Pablo or Siberia Any White Dry Slim or Mini Products
On a Plane or Ship Pablo or Sibera Any White Dry Slim or Mini Products

How To Choose The Right Brand For You

To choose the right brand for your needs, consider the practical considerations of each product and your needs. There is no universal product for every person and situation. For example, some brands may have the right flavors but not the right nicotine levels.

Ask yourself where and why you want to use the products. For example, you might want to stop smoking and need something to curb your cravings while you're in your office. In this case, you'll need a White Dry Slim or Mini pouch that doesn't create much saliva and is easy to conceal.

Another great way to find the right brand is experimentation. Test different products to find a product that suits your tastes. Try the different flavors, formats, and intensities to determine your favorite products. 

Popular Pablo VS Siberia Snus Products

Here are the top products from both Siberia and Pablo. We've selected these products based on their demand, affordability, flavor, and uniqueness. Ideally, you should use these products from top to bottom based on popularity. 

Rank Pablo Products Siberia Products
1 Pablo Exclusive 50 mg Grape Ice Siberia -80 White Dry Portion
2 Pablo Exclusive 50 mg Frosted Ice Siberia -80 White Dry Slim Portion
3 Pablo Ice Cold Super Strong Slim Siberia -80 All White Original Portion
4 Pablo Exclusive 50 mg Mango Ice Siberia -80 All White Slim Portion
5 Pablo Mini Ice Cold Siberia -80 Black Slim Portion
6 Pablo X-Ice Cold Super Strong Slim Siberia All White Super Slim
7 Pablo Exclusive 50 mg Frosted Mint Siberia -80 White Portion
8 Pablo Exclusive 50 mg Strawberry Cheesecake Siberia -80 Brown Portion
9 Pablo Exclusive 50 mg Banana Ice Siberia -80 Xtremely Black White Dry Slim
10 Pablo Exclusive 50 mg Bubble Gum Siberia -80 White Dry Mini (Black)

While there are countless products from both brands, we highly recommend Siberia White Dry portions. These pouches have minimal drip and a strong taste of tobacco.

If you're a hardcore user and love extremely strong snus, try Pablo X-Ice Cold or Siberia -80 White Dry portion. Siberia -80 is often considered one of the strongest snus in the world. It is guaranteed to take your senses for a spin. 

We also recommend the Spearmint or Mint flavored pouches from either brand. The taste of mint and tobacco will light up your heart like the sky on 4th of July. 

Summarizing Pablo Snus vs. Siberia

Pablo is a tobacco-free brand with some tobacco-based products, while Siberia Snus is a true smokeless tobacco brand. In terms of flavors, Pablo focuses on unique flavors and experimentation, while Siberia holds true to classic Swedish snus recipes.

Siberia can easily be considered one of the world's strongest snus brands because it guarantees an extreme snus experience. Pablo is a quality-based brand that focuses on functionality, ease of use, and uniqueness. Both brands have their specific use cases and fan bases, so determining a winner isn't easy.

In the end, the Pablo Vs Siberia snus debate ends with a unique victor for each user. We highly recommend trying out both products. If you're worried about the cost try the deals and offers sections or order in bulk to get a special discount and fast shipping. So buy Siberia and Pablo snus online today and enjoy the best that the snus industry has to offer. 

Certainly, we may also be wrong. Either way, our .com site offers a wider variety of products available to customers shopping from outsite of Europe, including a grand assortment of Swedish snus with tobacco.