Upper Lip vs. Lower Lip: Which is the Better Place for Nicotine Pouches?
Erik Rosengren - Snusexpert
18 March, 2023

Upper Lip vs. Lower Lip: Which is the Better Place for Nicotine Pouches?

Experienced nicotine and tobacco users know that the best place to put a nicotine pouch is between the upper lip and gum. However, most of them don't know the reason for this. You could place a nicotine pouch beneath your lower lip, so why shouldn't you? It's your mouth, so the choice should be yours in the end!

The answer is simple. Placing nicotine pouches beneath your upper lip is more convenient, safe, and enjoyable. How so? Let's dig into the specifics, and while we're at it, let's find ways to enjoy our nicotine pouches to their fullest.

The Benefits of Placing Nicotine Pouches in the Upper Lip

Modern tobacco-free nicotine pouches are a refined version of traditional snus. Naturally, the way we use these modern nicotine products is still the same. However, placing a nicotine pouch under the top lip also has its distinct benefits, like:


Comfort is an important part of your nicotine experience because most pouches last for more than 20 to 30 minutes. Ideally, you want the nicotine pouch in the most comfortable possible for that duration. Nicotine pouches placed beneath your top lip are more comfortable because of the extra space.

Less Drip

Nicotine pouches placed in the upper lip area minimize drip. Drip is when the contents of a pouch or smokeless tobacco products mix with excess saliva. Some Swedish snus users like drip because it increases the intensity of the flavor.

However, most people try to avoid drip because it's messy and ruins the experience of modern all-white nicotine pouches. Drip also makes the nicotine pouch slimy and may leave a bad aftertaste.

More Discreet

The shape of the top gums (gingiva) and lip make them the perfect place to store a nicotine pouch. Most modern nicotine pouches like ZYN, VELO, LOOP, and VOLT quickly adapt to the gum area. The tight position of the lower gingiva and the position of the chin makes it harder for the nicotine pouch to fit discreetly.

Tips for Using Nicotine Pouches

Here are some tips for making your nicotine experience even more satisfactory:

  • Before putting the nicotine pouch in your mouth, try to distribute the content evenly in the pouch.
  • To avoid extra salivation, do not drink while using a nicotine pouch.
  • Use Dry pouches like ZYN Mini Dry Citrus if you want minimal drip.
  • Use Slim pouches like VELO Ice Cool Strong if you want absolute discretion.
  • Place the nicotine pouch close to your front teeth and far away from the wisdom teeth.
  • Use a nicotine pouch according to your tolerance level.
  • Use fresh nicotine pouches because stale pouches may ruin your experience.
  • Alternate sides, for example, if you use a nicotine pouch on the left side, then put the next one on the right side.

A Snusdaddy gentleman with a black top hat and sunglasses holding up a glass with white text saying

Upper Lip vs. Lower Lip: The Best Place For Your ZYNs & Nicotine Pouches?

The upper and lower lip debate has raged on for quite a while, and it's about time we put an end to it. Overall, your upper lip is the best place for a tobacco-free nicotine pouch. However, lower lip use has some advantages.

One example is the quick release of flavor and nicotine. The high salivation at the floor of the mouth releases the nicotine and flavor more quickly. At the same time, it increases drip and messes with the flavor. If you're a fan of quick release, then try LOOP products which have Instant Release Technology, or moist snus.

Another example is the nicotine hit and experience. Experienced snus and dip users have traditionally used the bottom teeth and gingiva. Placing your nicotine pouches there may create an intense flavor at the back of the throat and give you a stronger nicotine buzz. Other than that, you should stick to the upper gums.

A few tips that we'd like to share with you here are:

A Snusdaddy model showing her lips and upper lip.

How to Place Your Nicotine Pouch for Maximum Comfort and Minimal Drip

One of the most common problems that nicotine pouch users experience is that the pouches don't sit well under the lip. A major reason for this is the wrong placement. Before putting a pouch in your mouth, evenly distribute the nicotine content.

Moreover, try to keep it close to the center of the lip. Plenty of people place it close to the cheeks for discretion, which ruins the experience. The pouch keeps slipping and dislodging. Some people even report accidentally swallowing the pouch. If you want absolute discretion, then try a Slim nicotine pouch.

These pouches are thinner than the usual nicotine pouches and fit under your lip with ease. You should also press your lip gently from the outside after placing the nicotine pouch. Doing this will nudge the nicotine pouch into place.

Another common issue is drip because no one wants a mess. If you struggle with drip, try using Dry nicotine pouches instead of the normal pouches. Dry nicotine pouches have lower moisture content, which reduces salivation. At the same time, try not to drink a lot while the pouch is inside your mouth.

Fluids increase moisture and mix with the all-white nicotine, creating excess drip. You should also use a nicotine pouch according to your tolerance level. If you're trying to quit cigarette smoking using nicotine replacement, read our guide on how to quit smoking using nicotine pouches for some pointers to the best experience.

The Science Behind Upper Lip Placement of Nicotine Pouches

Historically, people have used snus products in different ways. Some placed them under their upper gums, and others placed them under their lower gums. However, over the span of the last few centuries, the anonymous consensus has been that the upper gums are better.

If you ask anyone the reason, they'll say something similar to “It feels better!”

Here's why.

Tobacco-free nicotine pouches, snuff, and other smokeless products work by interacting with the Buccal Mucosa (the Inner Lining of your cheeks).

When the nicotine powder interacts with moisture, it leaks out. The Buccal Mucosa picks up the nicotine and takes it on a ride around the body. The nicotine “hit” and “buzz” that you get is all thanks to that slimy layer of Buccal Mucosa. When you put your pouches in the lower teeth, it gets closer to the salivary glands.

The nicotine release increases significantly and accelerates the experience. Remember, more isn't always good. It's like eating ten chocolates at once. The flavor and nicotine mixed with the saliva also trickle down your throat and interact with the membranes there. The experience becomes intensified, but it's also uncomfortable for many people. The excess saliva also leads to more drip, which most users dislike.

On the other hand, when you place a pouch beneath the upper lip, it's farther away from the salivary glands. This means that the nicotine release is slow and steady, creating a more pleasant and comfortable experience. The drip is also minimized, so you don't have to deal with a slimy mess.

Snusdaddy conclusion on upper lip placement

In conclusion, while the ultimate choice is yours, we recommend placing your nicotine pouches under your upper lip for the most enjoyable and discreet experience. It's also the safest way to use your pouches, as you minimize the risk of swallowing them.

Remember to choose the right type of nicotine pouch for your needs, whether it's a Dry, Slim, or Instant Release pouch. Furthermore, always store your nicotine pouches properly to ensure they stay fresh and flavorful. Have a look at our guide on how to store and keep nicotine pouches fresh for helpful tips.

Lastly, ensure that you're using nicotine pouches responsibly and according to your tolerance level. If you're new to nicotine pouches or looking to switch from traditional tobacco products, take a look at our list of the best nicotine pouches to find the right fit for your needs. If you have any concerns about using nicotine pouches, consult a healthcare professional to ensure that you're using them safely and effectively.

Happy pouching!

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